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It's Spring Break t-shirt contest time!
The Spring Break t-shirt design contest is now underway.

It's Spring Break t-shirt contest time!

Every spring break, our students travel all over the world, whether it be for a school trip, or for a vacation with family and friends.

To help celebrate the week, the Office of University Marketing and Communication will once again hand out annual PSU Spring Break T-Shirts. And once again, a student will be the one to design them.

For the third year, the UMC is holding a contest open to all PSU students who want to compete for the chance to have their design featured.

“The first year we came up with the design on our own, and then the next year we got students involved,” said Creative Services Director Jenny Hellwig. “Due to its popularity, we changed it again: last year we let retailers sell them so that people were able to buy them.”

The winner of the contest will receive prizes that include Royal’s tickets and a free t-shirt. But Christel Benson, associate professor of Graphics and Imaging Technologies, believes that there are other benefits from participating in the contest.

“I encourage my students to participate because they’re in graphics, and it’s good for them to be motivated outside of the classroom so they can build their portfolio, as well as good exposure for them if they win,” said Benson. “And even if they don’t win, they’ll get experience and another design in their portfolio.”

Hellwig agrees.

“Students will be getting something that is being used in the real world, into their portfolio before they even graduate,” said Hellwig. “Their design will be out there like our professional designers’ are.”

Benson also points out that no one knows better what students want than students themselves.

“These students have a good idea of what the demographic the shirt is targeting would want to wear, so I think it’s a great thing that the office offers the design contest to students because they will be the ones predominantly wearing it.”

The deadline for submission is Feb. 8 at 1 p.m. Voting will run from Feb. 12 to Feb. 15, and the winning design will be selected and announced on Feb. 16.

A limited number of free t-shirts will be handed out two weeks before Spring Break. In order to receive one, students must watch for clues on PSU’s social media channels that will reveal where on campus the t-shirts will be located. They will later be available for purchase at retail locations.

“We encourage students when they do have one and are out doing stuff on Spring Break, whether they’re climbing a mountain or donating time to something, to snap a picture in their t-shirt and use the hashtag #BeAGorilla,” said Hellwig.

For more information regarding submission details and rules, visit

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