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Jungle Journeys

What is Jungle Journeys?

Jungle Journeys is a paced, guided, co-curricular program that will help you develop professional and personal skills that will help you succeed in your career and in your life. It consists of four stages: Core, Search, Experience, and Enrichment.

The Core
Your personal Jungle Journey begins at the Core. This series of programs and workshops is designed to outfit you with the basic skills and knowledge you'll need to successfully find your own personal path. You'll develop a personal marketing plan and plan your journey, see what Career Services offers, and build skills such as networking and resume writing. Most of these sessions are required in order to complete your Journey

In this leg of your personal Jungle Journey, you'll develop skills and participate in activities designed to help you find the perfect-for-you job in a perfect-for-you industry. You'll plot your own path in this leg, choosing three activities or workshops in which to participate.

Employers crave prospective employees who have experience and have strong leadership talents. In this leg of your journey, you'll gain not only work and leadership experience, you will gain an understanding of how these experiences can enhance your appeal to prospective employers.

All work and no play make Jack and Jill dull colleagues and bored with their lives. You have an abundance of opportunities here at Pitt State to explore the various arts, cultural, sporting, and intellectual activities that make life fun and interesting. You'll never have this kind of opportunity to experience these activities in so compact of a space. AND most of these events are free of charge to our students!

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Students of any major are eligible to participate! Just show up to get started on your Jungle Journey!

When Do We Meet?

Workshops and Activities
Workshops and activities will take place at various times throughout the semester. You'll find advanced notice of these workshops and activities in Canvas and on the University Calendar.

We'll average about three Campfire sessions per semester. In these sessions, we'll discuss pertinent, timely, and interesting topics that will help you in your job search. For example, during the Campfire before the Career Fair, we'll discuss how you can make the most of the Career Fair. We ask that you attend at least one of these each semester.

How Do I Track Progress on My Jungle Journey?

We'll enroll you in a community group on Canvas and will then keep a permanent record of your progress.

What is the Price of this Program?

ZERO! ZIP! ZILCH! NADA! The program costs for this inaugural class of students are waived (you may still be required to pay fees for programs sponsored by organizations other than Jungle Journeys).

How Do I Start MY Jungle Journey?

Simply click on this link to enroll in the program. You'll find a short questionnaire attached - we want to measure your progress on your journey.

Click Here to take survey.

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