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Overman Student Center Expansion

The goal of the Overman Student Center Expansion project is to provide facilities, programs, services, and amenities that meet the physical, social, educational, cultural, recreational, and intellectual needs of current and future University students and members of the campus community, a goal consistent with the mission of the University.

“The student center is the hub of PSU. It is the place where students gather between classes, grab a bite to eat on their lunch break, attend an organizational meeting, and is home to many exciting events. The expansion of the student center will benefit our campus by providing more services for students and make it a better place where students, staff, and alumni can meet to grow our Pitt State community.” - LINDSAY ONG, SGA Senator


What is needed?

Expanded Student center drawing


It is estimated that the total cost of this addition to the Overman Student Center at Pittsburg State University will be almost $16 million. The majority of the cost, approximately $14 million, will be funded by student fees as dedicated through a student referendum in March, 2012. A fund-raising campaign is now underway to close that gap and make the total amount of funding needed available. In consideration of a lead, tax-deductible gift, there are opportunities for name recognition within the building.

Increased event capacity

The 1995 addition provided a substantial upgrade to the building and added additional space to the Crimson and Gold Ballroom. This upgrade added approximately 1,500 square feet and allowed for increased capacity for events. Unfortunately it also added to the line of sight issues already faced by users throughout the remainder of the room due to pillars, low ceilings and the unconventional overall shape of the room. In addition there has been an increase in the number of events needing larger capacity space.

Office Space

Currently the Overman Student Center houses the offices of Campus Activities, Student Activities Council and Student Government Association. Campus Activities, given the increase in staffing, has had to split its offices with the professional staff housed on the west side while the CAC main office, SAC and SGA remain in their current locations on the east side of the building.

Meeting Space

There are nine to eleven meeting rooms depending on how the current Ballroom is used.  On average, the OSC host over 5,000 meetings and events each year, utilizing all of these spaces.  At this time demand for meeting and event space far exceeds availability.  Far too many organizations, departments and outside groups are turned away due to the lack of available space.

The living room of the campus

Since the Overman Student Center is considered the “living room” of the campus, informal, lounge space is an important component of the building.  With campus enrollment growing and with important services added, lounge space has actually decreased in the building and is becoming overcrowded at peak times of the day.


The existing Overman Student Center is a three story building located in the northwest corner of the Pittsburg State University campus. The initial Student Center, dedicated in 1951, had additions constructed in 1963 and 1995 and food service area renovations in 2002. The 93,000 square foot Student Center provides areas for meetings, conferences, seminars, banquets and entertainment as well as lounges.

Overman student center

Design Initiatives

The project includes these main initiatives.

  • Add a new addition to the east side of the current building that will increase the area of student dining, accommodate a new student activities complex, and provide additional student lounge areas.
  • Provide a much larger, column-free, ballroom that accommodates larger events and that can be subdivided to accommodate three events occurring simultaneously.
  • Expand the University Club student lounge area and establish a visual and physical connection to student dining above.  An additional food concept will be added to this expanded area.
  • Increasing the number of meeting and multi-purpose rooms (not including the larger sub-dividable Ballroom) to fourteen of many different sizes.
  • Additional project goals include improving the circulation on the second level, increasing the amount of natural day-lighting throughout the building, and providing new accessible public restrooms.

Blueprints and renderings


Timeframe & Progress

Treanor Architects from Lawrence and Topeka have been hired and have completed the new design for the building. 

Groundbreaking is expected around spring break of 2014 with a completion date of the summer of 2015.

Contact information

For information regarding this project, please contact:
Jeff Steinmiller, Director, Overman Student Center at 620-235-4791

For information regarding making a gift to support this project, please contact:
Kathleen M. Flannery, Executive Director of University Development at 620-235-4769

Would you like to be a donor or simply have a question about this project? We'd love to hear from you!

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