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Science Education Center Staff

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Karl Kunkel, Dean

Department Chairs/Interim Chairs
Dr. Dixie Smith, Biology
Dr. Petar Dvornic, Chemistry
Dr. David Kuehn, Physics

Dr. Cynthia Ford, Biology
Dr. Irene Zegar, Chemistry
Dr. Charles Blatchley, Physics

Assisting Faculty
Dr. Dixie Smith, Biology
Dr. Carolyn Fehrenbach, Teaching and Leadership
Kathleen Spillman, Teaching and Leadership

Russ Hall with PSU text


The Science Education Center at Pittsburg State University is a collaborative effort of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics under the auspices of the College of Arts and Sciences. The mission of the Center is to promote and improve science education in elementary and secondary schools throughout the four-state area. The Science Education center has several programs offered for student education centered at Pittsburg State University, as well as several outreach programs designed for student education, and outreach workshops to promote continued education for science educators.





Earth Science


Science Day at Pittsburg State University

Elementary Science Education - The Science Education Center at Pittsburg State University is committed to the training and in-service professional development of instructors at all levels of elementary education.  Contact the center for more information.
     Training and in-service professional development may include:

  • On-Campus Programs
  • Off-Campus Programs
  • Equipment Available for Loan
  • Professional Development Courses
  • Elementary Education Physical Science Discussion Group Curriculum
  • People Recently Completing the Elementary P.S. Discussion Group
  • Pittsburg State University Elementary Science Education Conference
  • Pittsburg State University Elementary Education Excellence in Science Award
  • Pre-service Elementary Educators on the Geology Field Trip
  • Interesting Links

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