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Science Education Center Staff

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Mary Carol Pomatto, Dean

Department Chairs/Interim Chairs
Dr. Dixie Smith, Biology
Dr. Petar Dvornic, Chemistry
Dr. David Kuehn, Physics

Dr. Cynthia Ford, Biology
Dr. Irene Zegar, Chemistry
Dr. Charles Blatchley, Physics

Assisting Faculty
Dr. Dixie Smith, Biology
Dr. Carolyn Fehrenbach, Teaching and Leadership
Kathleen Spillman, Teaching and Leadership

   What is Nature Reach?

The mission of PSU Nature Reach is to provide quality environmental education for all, and to foster an appreciation for and connection to animals and our natural world.

Working out of PSU’s Biology Department since 1985, we have had a commitment to providing natural history and environmental education outreach programming to school and community groups.

Over the years we have served well over 150,000 children and adults. Between 2007 and 2017 we provided over 1300 programs in 30 communities, serving an additional 40,000 children and adults. In addition to providing outreach programming we also maintain and/or provide:

  • A live animal collection with over 50 animals
  • Summer Day Camps and Pre-K Reading Programs
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Opportunities for PSU Students to gain valuable, real world experience and job training

Our vision is to help create a citizenry that: 

  • Understands the process of science
  • Is environmentally literate
  • Treats animals and their environments in a respectful and responsible way
  • Promotes healthy, responsible, and sustainable practices at home and in their community
  • Has a connection to the outdoors in multiple and meaningful ways

Our goals are to:

  • Spark an interest in science and the environment
  • Provide quality, nature-based environmental education programing to the surrounding region
  • Provide academic resources, hands-on experience, and inspiration for students
  • Encourage engagement in the outdoors

If you find an abandoned or injured wild animal in this area,
contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism at (620)231-3173.

Nature Reach is no longer a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility.
We cannot take in injured or abandoned wildlife.
The closest rehab facility in Kansas is Operation Wildlife (
You can also click here for Injured Wildlife information.

Read more about injured wildlife

Read about raptors

Download our latest Program Brochure

Visit the Nature Reach homepage for more information