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Science Education Center Staff

College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Mary Carol Pomatto, Dean

Department Chairs/Interim Chairs
Dr. Dixie Smith, Biology
Dr. Petar Dvornic, Chemistry
Dr. David Kuehn, Physics

Dr. Cynthia Ford, Biology
Dr. Irene Zegar, Chemistry
Dr. Charles Blatchley, Physics

Assisting Faculty
Dr. Dixie Smith, Biology
Dr. Carolyn Fehrenbach, Teaching and Leadership
Kathleen Spillman, Teaching and Leadership

Welcome to the Life Science Education Program


Life Science Education Programs through the Department of Biology at Pittsburg State University consists of outreach programs, professionsl development, resource for teaching, events, professional resources, and additional areas and galleries of interest.  Also provided is a list of faculty and staff members in the department and their areas of expertise so you can contact the correct person with your questions.


Visit the Life Science Education Programs homepage for more information