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Gorilla Legislative Network


The mission of the Gorilla Legislative Network is to organize, educate, and lead into action a network of Pittsburg State University alumni, students, and friends residing in the state of Kansas to communicate with state legislators and others the needs and issues at the University regarding higher education legislation and to also advocate for the needs of higher education for the state as a whole.

Members of the network will be updated regularly about issues facing higher education in the state of Kansas and then will be called to action to contact local legislators when appropriate to increase support of PSU at the state level. Members can also be trained on exactly who and how to contact state decision-makers and organizations on behalf of PSU. Members will be able to decide exactly the extent of their activity in the network.

What can alumni do?

You can make a difference and help Pitt State reach its goals. Here is what you can do:

  • Become a member of Gorilla Legislative Network to stay knowledgeable of issues at PSU regarding higher education legislation
  • Contact your local representative and encourage them to show their support of issues concerning higher education

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