Gorilla Radio airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00 PM to Midnight on CAPS 13.

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The Voices of Gorilla Radio
Meet the hardly working ladies and gents who bring you delightful tunes through the tube.

Andrew Dodson, PR Director and On-Air Talent


Picture of Andrew Andrew Orpin, President
“Amish Andrew” Orpin is from the little town of Hesston, KS which is about 20 minutes north of Wichita. He was raised Mennonite and enjoys his facial hair which is where the nickname came from. After high school he took two years of college in Hesston then took two years off to work and travel around including going to Europe and the Bahamas. He is a Broadcast Communications major here at PSU. He likes lots of different music but especially hard rock and metal, the old stuff and the new, which is what he tends to play on his show. So tune in to CAPS 13 Wednesdays nights from 8 to 10 to see how hard the Amish can really rock!
Picture of John John Anson, On Air Talent
I am a Freshman Undeclared Major here at PSU. I graduated in 2010 from Prairie View High School in La Cygne, KS. I love to listen to music, but more importantly, I love to share my love of music. I play Bass in a band called R.O.R. with Charles Breedlove and Samuel Bruch, who are also involved in Gorilla Radio. One of my favorite genres is Ska, which I will definitely play along with anything else random that I like during my time on Friday nights from 6 to 8 PM.
Chuck Breedlove, On Air Talent
apronman2006@gmail.com I'm a DJ.
Picture of Sam Samuel "The Teenage Heartthrob" Bruch, On Air Talent
Samuel, (the once front man of the garage punk band R.O.R.) is from a small town called Beagle, Kansas and is majoring in Justice Studies. Sam has a fancy for all music but things you will probably hear from him are ska, punk, garage rock, girl rock, and blatantly horrible pop songs that everyone knows and sings along with but refuses to take credit for. With a current duo time slot with Chuck from 10 to midnight on Wednesdays, they might be able to make you giggle then play music you enjoy, and that's all you can really ask for.
Picture of Leo DJ Minty Fresh, Advisor
DJ Minty Fresh has been the advisor for Gorilla Radio since 2007. Also, he has been known to play some music on the air sometimes...