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Enterprise Resource Planning System


PSU’s current ERP system is nearly 30 years old. It was created in 1984, and has been modified numerous times throughout the years. As you might imagine, this 30-year-old system is beginning to show its age. The software is no longer supported and the hardware is no longer being produced.

Our current system has served us well for nearly 30 years, but it’s time to look for a system that is industry standard and flexible enough to be successful in today’s changing IT environment.

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The Project Team will focus on identifying a replacement for PSU’s Human Resources, Payroll and Financial system first. A replacement for the Student Information system will be studied at a later date.

Who is involved with the ERP project

A great result takes great leadership and a knowledgeable team. This is why we’ve worked hard to identify those on campus who have the most familiarity with our current system and the technical knowledge necessary to help guide our discussion.

The ERP Project Team will direct the work that is needed for the project. Because the new ERP system will impact almost everyone on campus, two stakeholder groups – Department Stakeholders and Campus Stakeholders will provide guidance and insight for the Project Team.

The Department Stakeholders are the staff of HRS, Budget, Business Office, Cashier’s, Purchasing and Information Services who works with the core IBM system on a daily (and hourly) basis. They will serve as Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) for the project.

Campus Stakeholders is a group of 36 individuals across the campus who were selected to help with the project. These individuals have various levels of knowledge, experience and expertise in all of the areas of our current administrative system. Some of the members wear department head hats. Others are timekeepers and keepers of departmental budgets. Every Senate, including SGA and Graduate Council, and every division is represented. And most members are also employees who use our current system in one way or another.

In addition, the Project Team will invite input from the campus at large as project milestones are reached. We will reach out to the campus at large through surveys and Mr. Bulk-Es. We will add information about the project to this web site. Product demos will be open to all employees. Dates for these events will be released later as the project progresses.


Please refer to the project timeline document.


Please submit questions or comments to this address erprecommendations@pittstate.edu.