The live stream will begin between 5:00PM and 5:30PM (CST) on Friday, May 14th. Our stream will run through the conclusion of the ceremony. Check back at this page during those times to watch the live stream that will be available. If you currently see the media player loaded below, that means the live stream has begun, and you can start watching it by pressing the play button.

Before then, be sure you've tested your computer to make sure you can receive our stream.

Live Stream at 40 kbps - ISDN, Dial-up, and Other Slow Connections

Instructions for Full Screen and Volume Adjustment

Place the mouse pointer anywhere over the video above. When you do, a set of controls will appear at the bottom. The right-most control - the one that looks like a small computer screen - will toggle the display into full screen mode. The volume control is just to the left of the full screen control. It looks like a little speaker.