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 Joseph A. Arruda, Ph.D.

Joseph A. Arruda, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology
Discipline/Specialization: Environmental Biology, limnology, water quality and biological monitoring and assessment, land snails
Department of Biology
Office: 323 Heckert-Wells Hall
Phone: 620-235-4738

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About Dr. Joseph Arruda

I teach introductory biology courses and mid- and upper-division courses in environmental science and field ecology. I primarily advise students interested in careers in environment - broadly defined. My research areas are (1) land use and water quality and (2) snails of Kansas.


Ph.D., Kansas State University, Kansas, U.S.A.


image - Joe Arruda, Biology Dept

I advise in the areas of Environmental Biology, Ecology, and Organismic Biology. Some students have applied interests and seek jobs in state or federal agencies or for private engineering consulting companies.  Others have more interest in research and look for a master's degree with later entry into the job arenas. I meet with advisees at least once a semester for pre-enrollment conferences and otherwise as needed with drop-ins or by appointment or around classes or in the hallways.

Courses Taught

Principles of Biology II (BIOL 212)
Principles of Ecology (BIOL 330)
Environmental Protection (BIOL 615 - online)
Limnology (BIO 633)
Stream Ecology (BIO 515)
Topics in Environmental Management (BIO 502)
Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Environmental Life Science (BIOL 113 - online)

Research Interests

I've worked in water quality monitoring, assessment, and regulation. My interests in water quality continue through contract research projects and various undergraduate and graduate student projects.
I maintain the Department's Environmental Quality Laboratory in support of instruction and research in water quality - both chemical and biological. Local sites such as the rivers in the Spring River watershed (Spring River, Center Creek, Cow Creek), the various strip mine lakes, and the sites of the Southeast Kansas Biological Station (SKBS) have been used for coursework, undergraduate research, and graduate research.
In addition to water quality work, I have begun a compendium of the mollusks of Kansas including land snails, aquatic snails, and clams (Kansas Mollusks).


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