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Technology and Engineering Education

Career Opportunities

Employment Job Titles: Middle School Technology Education Teacher, Junior High Technology Education Teacher, High School Technology Education Teacher, Technology Coordinators and Directors

Companies/Schools Recently Hiring: Multiple Kansas school districts, Missouri School Districts, Colorado School districts. Many other school districts throughout the United States have contacted PSU instructors in search of Technology and Engineering Education graduates. In many states, districts are paying signing bonuses, moving expenses as well as repaying 02/27/2007g Salaries: Range $25,000 - $36,000 per nine month. Average is $30,000 per nine month contract.

Future Outlook: With national reputation of the program and national shortage of technology teachers, PSU should continue to successfully place quality graduates throughout the country. Recent studies project the need for 13,000 additional technology teachers in a five-year period. However, only 3000 technology teachers will be certified over the next five years resulting in a 10,000 position shortfall in the field.