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Human Resource Development

Degree Options

The following degree options are available in the field of Human Resource Development:

Undergraduate Minor (12 Hours)

A minor in human resource development is offered through the Department of Technology and Workforce Learning.  Organizations, both public and private, are increasing their emphasis on employee education, learning and performance.  Many professional and technical jobs now include the responsibilities of orientating and developing new employees and the cross-training of others within their department.  This minor will provide knowledge and skills in human resource development and leadership and supervision to individuals in other departments and majors.

Master of Science Degree - Major in Human Resource Development

The Department of Technology and Workforce Learning offers courses leading to the Master of Science degree with a major in human resource development.  The program is nationally accredited by the Human Resource Development Accreditation Association. The curriculum is planned to provide graduate level preparation for individuals involved in employee training, education and development, performance improvement, and organizational development in business, industry, and private or public service organizations. Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in human resources, education, business, or a related area. HRD 596 Introduction to Human Resource Development is a required prerequisite for admission to the program.

Candidates for the degree must meet requirements for either Option I, Option II or Option III as found under Graduate Degrees and Options. A minimum of 18 semester hours must be completed in 800-level courses and 29 hours in courses numbered from 700-899. A maximum of six semester hours may be approved in 500 and 600-level courses.  Candidates under Options II and III are required to satisfactorily pass comprehensive examinations. Candidates under Option I must satisfactorily defend a thesis.

Two emphases are available:

  1. Emphasis 1 - Management and Consulting - Designed for individuals interested in HRD management or consulting
  2. Emphasis 2 - Program Development and Delivery - Designed for individuals interested in HRD program development and delivery

The candidate's program of study will be developed based upon their educational and work experience as well as their present and future career goals.