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Human Resource Development

Admission Procedure for Master's in HRD Program

There is a two part admission process for students interested in pursuing the Master of Science degree in Human Resource Development at Pittsburg State University.

  1. Submit a Graduate Application for Admission to the PSU Graduate Office. This can be done on-line, or an Application Form (PDF) can be printed off and submitted. There are different forms to be used for International applications. Official copies of transcripts should be sent directly to the Graduate Office as a part of this process.
  2. Submit a Letter of Application to the Coordinating Professor for Human Resource Development in the Department of Technology Management for review by department faculty. More information on this is provided below.

Letter of Application

Your Letter of Application should introduce yourself. It should also cover the following:

  1. Why you are interested in the master of science degree in HRD at Pittsburg State University.
  2. Your professional goals and how this degree relates to your goals.
  3. Your area(s) of interest related to human resource development.
  4. Your educational background.
  5. Your work and professional background.
  6. Any HRD related experience such as internships, projects, or seminars.
  7. Your research experience including courses and research projects.

Supporting Materials

You can submit additional information to the Department of Technology Management that you feel will help the HRD faculty get to know you better. These are not required.

  1. Resume that provide an overview of your educational and professional experience.
  2. Letters of Recommendations from previous advisors, supervisors, or professional peers which provide information related to your accomplishments, abilities, and potential.
  3. Examples of work such as projects and papers from education and/or employment.