Jeff Brooks, Professor

Jeff Brooks is the senior electrical instructor and lead professor in the Electrical Technology Program. He is a licensed electrical contractor with over 30 years of experience and holds both Master and Journeyman Electrician Certifications in numerous cities and states. He has also been qualified and holds Federal Electrical Certification in Low/Medium/High Voltages through the US Dept of Labor and is a Certified Electrical Instructor at the Federal Level.

Mr. Brooks is a graduate of PSU and started his career with the two-year "hand's on" vocational certificate in Electricity and a lot of "on the job" training. He has worked in residential new construction and service, commercial new construction and service, and specialized in industrial controls and automation in industrial maintenance positions.

After returning to PSU in a teaching role he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Vocational Technical Teaching and acquired a teaching certificate from the State of Kansas. Later he completed a Masters Degree as an Industrial Workforce Trainer in Human Resource Development.