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History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Contact

Department Chair:

Barbara Bonnekessen

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Contact Person:
Nancy Grantham

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Phone: 620-235-4325
Fax: 620-235-4338

Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
412 Russ Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

 Prospective and Current Student Information

Beyond the academic education provided by the department's programs, there are opportunities for learning outside of the classroom.  Experiential learning allows students to "learn by doing" and add job experience, leadership activities, or participation in cooperative ventures to a resume.  Further, we encourage students to travel abroad, where exposure to a foreign culture is not only enriching but a sensitivity to difference is increasingly necessary for job applicants. Finally, more directly related to traditional academics, the faculty encourages student participation in research leading to scholarly presentations and some programs have honor societies that recognize academic achievement in the respective discipline.

Student Accommodations: If you have or suspect that you have a learning or physical disability that substantially limits a major life activity, please contact either:

Physical Disability
Ms. Cindy Johnson, Director
 218 Russ Hall
 Fax: 620.235.4190
Learning Disability
Ms. Allison Adams, Coordinator
 104 Bryant Student Health Center
 Fax: 620.235.4455

University Counseling Services

Internships: All programs require or have an internship/practicum available as an elective. Students are encouraged to pursue internships by taking the initiative to secure one that meets their interests and needs. While faculty can provide advice and assistance, experiential learning demands individual responsibility and finding an internship is an education in itself. Examples of recent internships include:

Internship Location Program
Downstream Casino Justice Studies (Fraud Examination)
National Archives (K.C.) History
U.S. Senate/House Interns Political Science, History
Planning Office, City of Pittsburg Geography
Housing Department, City of Pittsburg Sociology
Court and Correctional Services Social Work
Child Welfare Social Work
Ft. Scott Historical Site History
Crawford County Courts Justice Studies, Political Science
Law Firms Sociology, Political Science
Police Departments Justice Studies
Powers Museum History
Political Campaigns Political Science
Hospice and Medical Settings Social Work
Nursing Homes Social Work
KOAM TV, Weather Geography
Axe Library Special Collections History
QuikTrip Corporate Headquarters Justice Studies (Fraud Examination)
Mental Health Centers Social Work

Study Abroad: Pittsburg State University offers several options for study abroad around the world. There are options for undergraduate and graduate students. The length of a program may vary from about 2 weeks to a year. Students can choose a group program led by a faculty member or take approved classes at a foreign university as an individual. For information:

Department Faculty have led trips to Ireland, Russia, Bolivia, and Italy, taught in the Paraguay-PSU partnership program, and encouraged students to spend time at foreign universities and apply for the student section of the Fulbright Scholarship Program (recently a Music student received this prestigious award to teach in Turkey).