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Geography Program

World MapWhat is Geography?

Geography is the science of place and space. Geographers ask where things are located on the surface of the earth, why they are located where they are, how places differ from one another, and how people interact with the environment.

Bachelor of Science in Geography

The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Geography degree at PSU focuses on those elements of geography that are most critical in today's society:
      Environmental Geography
      Urban Planning & Community Development
      Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Environmental Geography: This concentrates on the interaction of people and the environment. It includes the study of the human dimensions of global change, the environmental impacts of development, and issues related to sustainability, environmental planning and management. Topics such as air pollution, global climate change, hazards and disasters, deforestation and water pollution are discussed in the context of how human activities impact on the physical environment and the nature and complexities of the driving forces behind them. View the Program Guide, Program Requirements, and Program Checksheet.

Urban Planning & Community Development: Planning is an applied science that involves decision-making about the future of the city and the location of its future activities. Community development is a rapidly growing field that is integrated with planning decisions, and focuses on locally-driven social and economic development at the community or neighborhood level. Both areas are now seen as critical for the sustaining and improvement of our living environments. Support courses include material on the geography of transportation, land use planning and the technological knowledge now required by people employed in the planning field, particularly GIS (Geographical Information Systems: see below). View the Program Guide, Program Requirements, and Program Checksheet.

Geographic Information Systems: Also known as GIS, this computer-based technological application combines data management, modeling and statistical analysis with the explanatory powers of maps, spatial distribution and digital display. It involves cutting-edge computer technology and advanced skills that are in high demand in many professions. GIS skills are highly desirable for many types of employment, including community planning, environmental planning and environmental management. View the Program Guide, Program Requirements, and Program Checksheet.

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Minoring in Geography

A minor in Geography is very complementary to many different major degree programs.  Marketing, business, history, foreign languages, family and consumer sciences, biology majors: these are only a few of those that would benefit from a Geography minor.

View the Geography minor Program Guide and Program Requirements.

Geographic Skills and Employment Opportunities

Our Geography majors acquire superior skills in critical thinking and analysis, dynamic communication skills and competence in computer skills and analysis in a number of software areas.  We strive to keep you on the cutting edge of technology. These technological skills, critical thinking skills and the overall applied nature of a geography education provide you with abilities that are in demand at public and private agencies. You also gain the superior knowledge and training necessary for the pursuit of admission to graduate programs, if that is part of your career plan.

Careers in Geography and Planning include:

Urban Planner
Crime Analyst
Land Developer
GIS Analyst
Geographer for the CIA
Economic Development Analyst
Real Estate Planner
Land-Use Analyst
Traffic Manager

Land Use Planner
University Professor
Geographer for the FBI
Health Care Planning
Park Ranger
Location Expert
Market Research Analyst
Travel Agent/Specialist
Wildlife Manager
International Business Representative

Geographer - U.S. Bureau of Census
Geographer - U.S. Department of Agriculture
Geographer - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Geographer - U.S. Economic Development Administration
Environmental Impact Analyst
Natural Resources Specialist
Community Development Analyst
Environmental Planner
Market Researcher/Analyst
Transportation Planner

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