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Department of Physics
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Interim Department Chair:

David Kuehn

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Desirae Tyler

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Phone: 620-235-4391
Fax: 620-235-4050

Physics Department
Yates Hall Room 307
Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

Research Interests

Acousto-Optic Imaging and Spectrometry

I am currently involved in a project with Dr. Nancy Chanover (New Mexico State University Astronomy) and Dr. David Voelz (New Mexico State University Electrical Engineering). We are using both visible-near IR and mid-IR acousto-optic tunable filters along with appropriate imaging arrays to map the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn.

Recently, we finished integrating an AOTF spectrometer with a time-of-flight mass spectrometer at Goddard Spaceflight Center.  I developed the control software for the spectrometer.  The whole system is designed to analyze rock minerals, with the hope of further funding to land on the surface of Mars.  Currently, we are testing and calibrating the instrument with standard rock samples in the laboratory at GSFC.


Using telescopes at the PSU/Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory, undergraduate physics students are helping me find and track recently discovered asteroids for follow-up observations.  These observations include both astrometric and photometric information.

Meteor Camera

I have constructed two low-light intensity, all-weather video cameras combined with tracking software that obtains videos of meteors.  The cameras are placed to obtained height information and hopefully will be used for science as well as science education.

Courses for Spring 2014:

  • PHYS 100 College Physics I
  • PHYS 104 Engineering Physics I
  • PHYS 699 Senior Review and Assessment
  • PHYS 775 High-Energy Astrophysics


David M Kuehn

David M. Kuehn

Interim Chair
University Professor

Department of Physics
Yates Hall Room 301
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762

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620-235-4050 fax