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Department of Physics
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Courses for Spring 2014

  • PHYS 131 - College Physics II Labs
  • PHYS 740 - Advanced Topics:  Nanoscale Physics
  • PHYS 742 - Solid State Physics

Research Interests

Many-body theory and computational modeling of the electronic and optical properties of carbon nanotubes, impurity scattering of excitons in semiconducting nanotubes, quantum physics of nanotube DNA hybrids. Band gap engineering of 2-D atomic crystals and graphene based semiconductors for optoelectronics and energy-related applications.

Computational material sciences for developing new materials to address energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. Band gap engineering of nitride material for energy-efficient solid state lighting and solar cell applications, theory of Auger recombination in GaN-based semiconductors.


1. B. O. Tayo and S. Sorella, “Exact Jastrow-Slater wave function for the one-dimensional Luttinger model”, Phys. Rev. B 78, 115117 (2008).

2. B. O. Tayo and Slava V. Rotkin, “Charge impurity as a localization center for singlet excitons in single-walled nanotubes”, Phys. Rev. B 86, 125431 (2012).

3. C. K. Tan, B. O. Tayo, J. Zhang, X. H. Li, G. Y. Liu, and N. Tansu, “First-Principle Electronic Properties of GaN1-xAsx Alloy for Visible Light Applications”, Journal of Display Technology, vol. 9, no. 4, pp. 272-279, April 2013.

4. C. K. Tan, B. O. Tayo, J. Zhang, G. Y. Liu, and N. Tansu, “First-Principle Natural Band Alignment of Dilute-As GaNAs Alloy”, Journal of Applied Physics (submitted).

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Benjamin O. Tayo

Assistant Professor

Department of Physics
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