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Nature Reach at Pitt State

Pitt State Nature Reach is providing quality environmental education for all, and fostering an appreciation for and connection to animals and our natural world.

Working out of PSU’s Biology Department since 1985, we have had a commitment to providing natural history and environmental education outreach programming to school and community groups.

Over the years we have served well over 150,000 children and adults. Between 2007 and 2017 we provided over 1300 programs in 30 communities, serving an additional 40,000 children and adults. In addition to providing outreach programming we also maintain and/or provide:

  • A live animal collection with over 50 animals
  • Summer Day Camps and Pre-K Reading Programs
  • Teacher Workshops
  • Opportunities for PSU Students to gain valuable, real world experience and job training

Every year, Pitt State Nature Reach actively performs up to 150 programs throughout the region. Sign up to receive notifications of the programming available.

On-Campus Programs

Live Animal Tour

Cost: $3 per student
Maximum group size: 30

This tour features our LIVE animal collection on beautiful Pitt State campus. Presentation typically runs about 50 minutes.

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Raptors, Birds of Prey Assembly Program

Cost: $100
Maximum group size: 150

During this 45-50 minute program the presenter will use LIVE birds to demonstrate how these powerful hunters of the sky have intrigued humans for years.

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Free programming to area schools

Thanks to a generous donation we are currently able to offer FREE on-campus and off-campus programming to area schools! Contact us to find out if your school qualifies.

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Off-Campus Programs

Natural History Reserve and Raptor Tour

Cost: $90 per program + transportation
Maximum group size: 30

During this 50-60 minute tour your group will get a chance to see our famous raptors at home as well as meet our Bald Eagle, Apollo.

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Nature Reach travels to your classroom

Cost: $90 per program + transportation
Maximum group size: 30

  • Topics available

    Where the Buffalo Roamed: Animals and plants have been used by humans as symbols for centuries. Students will learn about Kansas state symbols illustrated by live and preserved specimens. (If scheduling to coincide with Kansas Day, please submit requests early.)

    Rainforest Adventure: The most diverse habitat on Earth is the tropical rainforest. Find out why this habitat is important globally, and learn more about the people and animals that call it home.

    Life Cycles/Structures: (Growing up, digging down, standing out, and blending in) Here we discuss the life cycles of insects and other animals including amphibians as well as how their colors, limbs, and skeleton allow them to hide, stand out, hop, skip or jump!

    Animals with Class: Animal classification is the emphasis here. This program will discuss the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. Students will also learn the characteristics of the major vertebrate groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish).

    Creatures of the Night: This program focuses on those animals that are active at night. Using live animals (owl, snake etc...) we will discuss the special adaptations these animals have to help them survive a nocturnal existence.

    Amazing Animals: Why do some animals have spots? Why do some animals hunt at night? It's called adaptation! Using live and preserved specimens, we will explain how diversity in color, size, shape and behavior help creatures survive. Hiders, fliers, stinkers and bluffers Insects probably affect humans more than any other group of animals. Learn more about these interesting animals as we discuss their anatomy, classification and behavior using live and preserved specimens. (This program includes a powerpoint presentation)

    Hiders, fliers, stinkers, and bluffers: Insects probably affect humans more than any other group of animals. Learn more about these interesting animals as we discuss their anatomy, classification and behavior using live and preserved specimens. (This program includes a powerpoint presentation.)

    Creepers, Slimers, and Things That Slither: You either hate them or you love them, but either way, reptiles and amphibians are very important to our world. With the aid of live specimens, we will compare and contrast amphibians and reptiles and discuss their role in nature.

    Raptors, Birds of Prey: These powerful hunters of the sky have intrigued humans for years. Students will be amazed as they get a close look at these live predators, learn about their importance and learn why many are in need of our help. (Also available as an on-campus assembly program.)

    The Web of Life: Where do living things get their energy to survive? Learn about animal food habits by looking at live specimens, skulls and teeth of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, and explore how every living thing is dependent on food chains.

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    Special Topics

    Cost: $90 per program + transportation
    Maximum group size: 30

    If you would like to see another presentation topic, don’t hesitate to ask. We can usually accommodate special topics.

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    Summer Day Camp Program and Reading Program

    summer camp

    Summer Day Camps

    For students who have completed 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade.

    This hands-on camp will cover a little bit of everything in nature from plants to pollinators, reptiles to birds, mammal tracks and scat to our amphibian friends.

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    summer camp

    Pre-K Summer Reading Program

    During these 30 minute sessions, 3-5 year olds are invited to join us in reading a story featuring an animal or group of animals. After the story, children are introduced to a LIVE animal and other animal artifacts featured in the story.

    So, what are we all about?

    Our vision is to help create a citizenry that: 

    • Understands the process of science
    • Is environmentally literate
    • Treats animals and their environments in a respectful and responsible way
    • Promotes healthy, responsible, and sustainable practices at home and in their community
    • Has a connection to the outdoors in multiple and meaningful ways

    Our goals are to:

    • Spark an interest in science and the environment
    • Provide quality, nature-based environmental education programing to the surrounding region
    • Provide academic resources, hands-on experience, and inspiration for students
    • Encourage engagement in the outdoors

    Found an abandoned or injured animal?

    If you find an abandoned or injured wild animal in this area, contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism at (620) 231-3173.

    Nature Reach is no longer a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility. We cannot take in injured or abandoned wildlife. 
    The closest rehab facility in Kansas is Operation Wildlife. You can also check Injured Wildlife information.

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    Delia Lister
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    Pittsburg State University
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    Phone: 620-235-4727

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