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Jazz Ensembles - Fall Auditions

Pick up materials in Kelce rehearsal hall beginning Thursday one week before school begins

Every year we re-audition the jazz ensembles -- which include new personnel and returning members. No one is guaranteed a chair, as all positions are up for grabs. If you’re interested then read on.

The auditions are optional, however we need everyone to come see me or leave me a note if you’re interested in playing, even if you are taking the audition.  This is vital.  My office is Room 317 McCray Hall, my phone is 620/235-4474, and my email is ( or leave a message in my music office mail box. Please check with your friends to pass the information along. I strongly encourage everybody to audition.  The audition is good experience and helps us plan the bands better.

The jazz audition will consist of the following (except jazz drummers)

1.  Concert Bb blues scale as indicated for your instrument below:

        Bb Db  Eb E    F Ab   Bb                     (Trombones, rhythm only)

        G   Bb  C  C#  D  F    G                      (Altos and Baris. only)

        C   Eb  F   F#  G  Bb  C                      (Tenors and Trumpets only)

2.  Prepared piece: Pick this up from my door (McCray Hall Room 317) or Kelce Rehearsal Hall.  The piece will be ready on Thursday, the week before classes.

3.  Sight-reading

4Optional improvisation on a Bb blues. (Aebersold vol. 1)

5.  Optional jazz style work of your choosing. A lead sheet, transcribed solo or etude.

Bass players – I prefer players that can read changes (i.e. c7 d-7) and written parts.

Guitar players – must read changes (i.e. c7 d-7).

Piano - I prefer players that can read changes (i.e. c7 d-7) and written parts.

Drummers (jazz): You will audition at the rhythm section time below

1.  Keeping time as marked below:
     A.   Quarter        =    120 4/4 swing feel for 12 bars
     B.   Half              =      90 4/4 swingfeel for   8 bars
     C.   Quarter       =      90 4/4 rock   feel for  8 bars
     D.   Dotted half  =      90 3/4 jazz waltz feel for 8 bars
     E.   Quarter       =     120 4/4 any Latin feel for 12 bars
     F.   Quarter        =      60 4/4 swing ballad (brushes) feel for 12 bars

2.  A 20-second swing improvised solo.

3.  Possible sight-reading.

The rehearsal schedule is MWF at 1:00 for Jazz One and TTh at 2:00 for the Jazz Lab.
Concert dress: Suit for men, hard shoes and a long tie.  Women wear a nice dress or pants suit.

Note - these audition times are for Jazz Ensemble only.

Wednesday Evening the 1st week of classes

6:00 p.m. - Saxes @ 318 McCray

7:00 p.m. - Trombones @ 318 McCray

8:00 p.m. - Trumpets @ 318 McCray

Thursday Evening the 1st week of classes

7:00-9:00 p.m. - Rhythm Section @ 318 McCray

Those with conflicts can do the audition on Wednesday at 1:00 or Thursday at 2:00 the 1st week of classes. Let me know!
*If you have a conflict or problem with the audition please see me.   

Results will be posted on the jazz board in the McCray east main hallway late on Friday of the first week of classes

Robert Kehle
Director of Jazz Studies