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Susan Marchant

Contact Person:
Kimberly Harries

Phone: 620-235-4466
Fax: 620-235-4468

Department of Music
103 McCray Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

PSU Trumpet Ensmeble at the 2007 Trumpet Guild Convention

Brass and Percussion

The Department of Music at Pittsburg State University is dedicated to providing career preparation for those students interested in all types of musical endeavors. Today's musicians face challenges in musical styles, educational goals, and teaching opportunities which are far different from those of just 15 years ago. They must be prepared to perform in diverse styles ranging from classical music to jazz and commercial styles. From swing to salsa, Bach to Stravinsky, and band to chamber music, today's musician must have a well-rounded background in order to successfully compete in the world of music and music education.

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The brass and percussion area at Pittsburg State University offers the trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium (baritone horn), tuba and percussion student an opportunity to study with a trained specialist. The department assists students in acquiring the necessary skills to meet the demands of today's professional and education worlds. Each student, upon graduation, should be able to function at a high level of competency on his or her instrument and to understand the musical and technical workings of music and their instrument. The requirements of the brass and percussion area are a reflection of the demands made upon today's professional performers and teachers.

Private Study

One-on-one analysis of playing ability is vital to the development of the overall musicianship needed as a performer and/or teacher. The Department of Music's program of applied lessons is custom tailored to the student's needs and abilities. Instruction includes the basic fundamentals of performing and interpreting musical styles. Students also interact with other members of our teaching/performing faculty.

Performance Opportunities

Pittsburg State University offers a complete ensemble of music opportunities including: concert band, jazz ensembles, jazz combos, marching band, orchestra, choir, chamber choir, jazz choir, and various chamber music ensembles such as the Pittsburg Posaunen (trombone) Ensemble, trumpet ensemble, tuba ensemble, mixed brass ensembles, and percussion ensemble. Several of these groups have performed at various professional events such as the Kansas Music Educators In-Service Workshop and the midwest trombone workshops. All of these groups are open to music majors and non-majors alike. Students should contact the director of each ensemble for further details.

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Trombone Studio Web Page


In addition to receiving stipends for Marching Band and Pep Band, qualified students may apply and audition for Music Department Scholarships. The University administers a major financial aid program that includes other scholarships, grants, and loans.

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Brass and Percussion Faculty in Music

 James Clanton
Associate Professor of Music
Department of Music
Office: 104 McCray Hall
Phone: 620-235-4464
 Carol Deats
Associate Professor of Music
Department of Music
Office: 202 McCray Hall
Phone: 620-235-4466
 Todd Hastings
University Professor of Music
Department of Music
Office: 401 McCray Hall
Phone: 620-235-4485
 Robert Kehle
Professor of Music
Department of Music
Office: 317 McCray Hall
Phone: 620-235-4474
 A. Douglas Whitten
Professor of Music
Department of Music
Office: 320 McCray Hall
Phone: 620-235-4070