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Pitt State ROTC

Pittsburg State Army Reserved Officer Training Corps

Military Science/ROTC is a professional development program that allows you to choose and follow any major offered by the university while participating in courses specific to ROTC.

Upon graduation cadets are then commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants in the United States Army, either on active duty or as a part of a reserve component (National Guard/Reserves).  Multiple contracting scholarships are offered, ranging from four year scholarships down to two year scholarships, as well as receiving a monthly stipend.  Non contracted students are also welcome to  participate in ROTC classes with no obligation for the first two years.  Gorilla Battalion cadets participate in class and labs learning leadership and management skills, two Field Training Exercises a year, Ranger Challenge (a team-oriented military skills competition), various social functions, Honor Guard presenting the colors at university and community functions, and the time-honored Cannon Crew at football games. 

Cadets participate in the Cadet Leader Course training between their junior and senior year at Ft. Knox, KY. It is at this course that all of the skills and leadership developed during your three previous years are put to use and evaluated in order to decide which career field you will be placed into upon graduation and commissioning into the United States Army.


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Gorilla Battalion News

Three Army ROTC Nursing Cadets to attend Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP)

  • Jacob Brown (Germany)
  • Cole Stewart (Fort Lewis)
  • Nick Wiens (Walter Reed National Military Medical Center)

                                                                              WHAT IS NSTP?

Pitt State Army ROTC named one of 11 Nursing Centers of Excellence in the region. 

If you are a current National Guard or US Army Reserves Soldier and want to get college paid for, contact Mr. Josh Shay about a Minuteman Scholarship.  This scholarship will pay 100% of your tuition and fees, $600 per semester for books and a monthly tax free stipend for housing.

Pitt State News:

Pitt State in the Top 15% of Military Friendly Colleges: Top 15% Military Friendly University's

Pitt State Recognized as one of the best colleges in the Midwest: Pitt State Among the Best!

Masters In History ranked in Top 6 in the country: Online History Masters Ranked in Top 6

ROTC Contact Information

Department Chair:

LTC Kenneth Hutchison

Contact Person:
MAJ Eric Hollingsworth

Phone: (620) 235-4859
Fax: (620) 235-4862

Pittsburg State University
1701 South Broadway
Pittsburg KS 66762

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