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LTC Kenneth Hutchison

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Mr. Josh Shay

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Pittsburg State University
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Battallion 2012

Over 100 Cadets are enrolled in the Pitt State ROTC Gorilla Battalion, these young men and women are learning the skills required in today's Army. Currently two dozen of these Cadets receive full tuition scholarships from the Army. With an annual mission to produce 14 Officers for the Army, Pitt State has commissioned 1,225 Army Officers over the past 61 years. Former Cadets have gone on to all branches of the Army and whether they only serve a few years, or go on to become career Officers, these alumni continue to make the Pitt State Gorilla Battalion proud to have been part of their lives. GORILLAS ALWAYS!

Cadet Battalion Chain of Command

Battalion Commander CDT LTC WeaverBattalion Commander CDT LTC Weaver

The Battalion Commander (BC) is directly responsible for the operations of the Gorilla Battalion. The BC approves and oversees all Battalion operations and reports directly to the Professor of Military Science. Along with the Battalion Executive Officer and the Command Sergeant Major the BC guides the Battalion towards success. The BC leads from the front by being the highest ranking cadet officer and setting the example for the rest of the cadet battalion.


Executive Officer CDT LTC FatkinExecutive Officer CDT LTC Fatkin

The XO helps the commander prepare subordinate units for future employment. The XO monitors their readiness status and directs actions to posture subordinate units. Under special conditions or missions, the commander may give the XO temporary command of a portion of the force. Examples of these situations include deployments, retrograde operations, and obstacle crossings, and when the commander is unable to command.


Command Sergeant Major CDT CSM HadfieldCommand Sergeant Major CDT CSM Hadfield

The Command Sergeant Major is the principal advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of cadets within the battalion. Works with battalion to ensure that: -correct information about training, special events, etc. is passed up and down the chain of command. -cadets improve their professional appearance both in uniform and of ROTC facilities and equipment. Along with the commander the CSM is an example to be followed.


S1 CDT CPT GowdyS1 CDT CPT Gowdy

The S1 is the primary staff officer responsible for all the matter concerning human resource management at the battalion level. The S1 records attendance for battalion events and keeps track of all personal qualifications of individual cadets.




S2 CDT CPT GrabowskiS2 CDT CPT Grabowski

The S2 is the principal staff officer responsible for all matters concerning enemy threat level. Since the threat of enemy action in ROTC is minimal the S2 works to make sure battalion training is realistic as possible. Providing training aids such as fake improvised explosive devices and enemy weapon systems along with make sure that cadets participating as the Opposing Force are playing their roles effectively.


S3 CDT MAJ WillisS3 CDT MAJ Willis

The S3 is the principal staff officer responsible for all matters concerning training, operations, and plans. The S3 develops Operations Orders every 2 weeks that are issued to the battalion detailing operations to occur. The S3 also issues Operations Orders for each individual training event conducted by the Battalion. The S3 is assigned assistance to facilitate this process and a member of the S3 shop will personally oversee all battalion operations.


S4 CDT CPT BirchmeierS4 CDT CPT Birchmeier

The S4 is the principle staff officer responsible for all matters of logistics and services. The cadet S4 works closely with the Cadre S4 to ensure that all cadets are properly equipt to conduct training. The S4 also oversees the issue of sensitive items such as weapons system and training aids during training events. The S4 is also responsible for overseeing the cadet fund and reporting the buget during staff meetings.


S5 CDT CPT JohnsonS5 CDT MAJ Johnson

The S5 is the principal staff officer for all matters concerning civil-military operations. The S5 works closely with other campus organizations and student government to ensure all battalion operations run smoothly. The S5 also acts and a liaison to other campus organizations that ROTC works with for the betterment of the community.


S6 CDT CPT Barbour

S6 CDT CPT Barbour

The S6 is the principal officer for all matters of command, control, communications, and computer operations. The S6 oversees the cadet computer lab, and is responsible for maintaining the cadet Face book page. The S6 is responsible for maintaining and issuing radios for training events, and ensuring information on battalion operations is sent via electronic means to the battalion.


S9 CDT CPT MitchellS9 CDT CPT Mitchell

The S9 is responsible for all Alumni relations issues. Including publishing the Gorilla Gazette, writing thank-you letters for donors to the program, validating the alumni database and Hall of Fame programs. Additional duties include serving as the Cadet Liaison to the 3rd ROTC BDE Nurse.