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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) is a professional program designed to prepare future business executives for the work force. Pittsburg State University offers an MBA degree with concentrations in accounting and general administration.

Objectives of the MBA Program

  • To produce MBA graduates who can demonstrate a knowledge of (a) financial analysis, markets, and reporting, (b) domestic and global economic environments of organizations, (c) creation and distribution of goods and services, (d) human behavior in organizations, (e) the influence of technology, and (f) quantitative analysis
  • To produce MBA graduates who can use cross-functional approaches to address organizational issues
  • To deliver a curriculum that provides breadth of subject material for MBA students choosing a general administration concentration
  • To deliver a curriculum that provides depth of material for MBA students choosing the accounting concentration and that adequately prepares students for entry into careers as professional accountants
  • To deliver a curriculum that produces graduates who fulfill the educational commitments of the College of Business, including an awareness of ethical and global issues and an understanding of political, social, environmental, and technological issues

The MBA program includes a carefully structured sequence of required courses designed to accommodate the student's background. Approximately 40% of those admitted to the MBA program do not have undergraduate degrees in business administration. Approximately 50% of the admissions are women and minorities. Typical non-business backgrounds include technology, engineering, chemistry, physics, economics, sociology, psychology, communication, political science, statistics, social work, nursing, mathematics, health sciences, etc.  About 50% of MBA students are international from over 20 countries.

Admission to MBA Program

  1. You must present proof of a 4-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Non-business degree holders and others are required to take some foundation courses to bring them up to par with four-year business graduates.
  2. You must be admitted to the Graduate School of Pittsburg State University. The process is initiated by completing an application for admission. Applications may be obtained from the Dean of Continuing and Graduate Studies. The application is online at Applications and official transcripts from domestic students should be submitted to the graduate office no later than July 15 for the fall semester, December 15 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer session. The deadlines for international students is June 1 for the fall semester, October 15 for the spring semester, and April 1 for the summer session.
  3. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), with a minimum score of 400, is required. For admission, you must submit a minimum of 1,050 points based on the following formula: 200 times the overall undergraduate grade point average plus the GMAT score. The GMAT must be taken prior to admission.
  4. For admission into the MBA program on conditional or regular admission status, the Kelce College of Business will accept a satisfactory GMAT score (minimum of 400) or GRE score (equivalent to a minimum GMAT score of 400 using ETS’s GRE Comparison Table for Business Schools [xls]). Or   A GRE score will be converted to its equivalent GMAT score in calculating an applicant’s formula score for possible admission.
  5. For admission into the MBA program on conditional or regular admission status, the Kelce College of Business will waive the GMAT/GRE admission requirement for PSU undergraduate students majoring in traditional business programs who graduate with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.25. This entry option is contingent upon PSU business graduates beginning their MBA classes within two years of receiving their BBA degree.

To register for the GMAT go to: or   Prospective MBA students may find to be helpful for both GMAT or GRE preparation.

Use Pittsburg State University master's program code, 6BF-S6-38, on your application to ensure that your test scores will be sent to PSU by GMAC.  For GMAT queries go to

If your native language is not English, you must also submit a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (or 213 computer-based test or 79 on internet-based test) before your credentials can be considered for the MBA program.

To register for the TOEFL, GRE, etc. contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS): or for TOEFL.  Please be sure to use the correct Pittsburg State University master's program code, 6336, on your TOEFL or GRE application to ensure that your scores will be sent to PSU by the ETS.

Note: If your language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, etc. is satisfactory, you may be admitted conditionally into the MBA program and allowed up to one semester grace period of MBA enrollment to satisfy the GMAT / GRE requirement.

Admission to the Master of Business Administration Degree program is at the discretion of the Director of the MBA Programs, MBA Policy Advisory Committee, and the Dean of the Graduate and Continuing Studies.  

Full-Time Enrollment
The program requires a minimum of 34 credit hours.  All courses for full-time MBA students are offered on campus during the day and in the evening.

Part-Time Enrollment
It is possible to complete the MBA program exclusively through part-time enrollment.  The part-time program requires approximately 2.5 years, provided the student has no deficiencies in foundation courses. The program may be started in the spring, fall, or summer semester. Part-time students would take 6 hours per regular semester and 3 hours in the summer.

Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available to qualified students to assist with tuition, fees, and living expenses. Information concerning financial assistance can be obtained from the PSU Office of Financial Assistance, 1701 S. Broadway, Pittsburg, KS 66762.

Graduate Assistantships
Teaching and research assistantships are awarded to full-time, highly qualified MBA candidates on a competitive basis. These assistantships vary in amount but are normally between $2,500 and $5,000 for the academic year, plus waiver of some or all of the tuition and fees. Applications can be obtained from the MBA Program Director or from the Office of Continuing and Graduate Studies.

Program Requirements
The Kelce MBA requires completion of 34 credit hours.  Students who enter the program without credit in foundational undergraduate business fields will also be required to complete the prerequisite courses specified for the program.  These courses include: Financial Accounting (ACCTG 201) and Managerial Accounting (ACCTG 202), or Accounting for MBAs (ACCTG 600); Introduction to Microeconomics (ECON 200), Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECON 201) and Intermediate Economics, or Economic Analysis (ECON 805); Business Finance (FIN 326); Organizational Theory & Behavior (MGMKT 327); Management Information Systems (CIS 420); Basic Marketing (MGMKT 330); Legal and Social Environment of Business (MGMKT 444); and Business Statistics (MGMKT 320).  All students must satisfy these foundational prerequisites as a condition of enrollment in the Kelce MBA program.  The MBA director will advise each student as to which courses are necessary based on their undergraduate academic record. 

Foundation requirements can be met by passing CLEP examinations ( for undergraduate credit or completing the listed MBA foundation courses with a grade of B or better.  A maximum of three CLEP examinations are allowed.  Courses may also be waived if appropriate undergraduate courses have been taken at an accredited institution. 

The course requirements for the Kelce MBA consist of 34 credit hours of graduate coursework including MBA Decision and Strategy Courses, an MBA Integrating Course and Appropriate MBA Electives for the chosen concentration. 

None of the Decision and Strategy, Integrating, or Elective Courses may be waived.  Below is a list of approved MBA courses. 

MBA Decision and Strategy Courses

CourseTitleCredit Hours
MGMKT 801 MBA Experience 1
ACCTG 814 Management Control Systems 3
MGMKG 826 Quantitative Business Analysis 3
MGMKT 830 Business, Government, and Society 3
MGMKT 831 International Business 3
MGMKT 839 Marketing Strategy 3
FIN 836 Financial Strategy 3
MGMKT 828 Leadership and Behavioral Management 3
Subtotal   22

MBA Integrating Course

CourseTitleCredit Hours
MGMKT 895 Strategic Management 3
Subtotal   3


MBA Approved Electives (Choose any 3 courses)

CourseTitleCredit Hours
ACCTG 805 Internship in Accounting 3
ACCTG 811 Seminar in Accounting 3
ACCTG 812 Tax Research 3
ACCTG 813 Financial Statement Analysis 3
ACCTG 815 Financial Statement Auditing 3
ACCTG 819 Cost Management 3
CIS 801 Graduate Topics in Information Systems 3
ECON 827 Topics: [Seminar in Economics or Finance] 3
ETECH 804 Quality: Management and Control 3
ETECH 831 Value Engineering 3
GRT 888 Product Design and Management 3
MGMKT 821 Topics in Business 3
PSYCH 816 Group Dynamics 3
TE 841 Production Technology: Manufacturing 3
MGMKT 821 International Negotiation 3
ACCTG 811 Seminar in Accounting (International Accounting) 3
CSIS 801 Graduate Topics in Information System (Global Information Mgt) 3
ECON 827 Topics: [Seminar in International Economics or Finance] 3
MGMKT 821 Topics in Business - International Human Resource Management 3
MGMKT 821 Topics in Business - International Negotiation 3
MGMKT 605 Cross Cultural Analysis 3
MGMKT 611 International Marketing 3
POLS 630 International Political Economy 3
SOC 676 Global Sociology 3
Subtotal   9

One elective may be taken at the 500-600 level subject to approval by the MBA Program Director.  Other graduate courses may be accepted for MBA elective credits but must be pre-approved by the MBA Office.

Breakdown of courses for MBA program:

Core courses 25
Electives 9
Total MBA requirements (exclusive of prerequisites) 34

MBA Concentrations:

PSU offers an MBA degree with three concentrations to satisfy different managerial interests and backgrounds. 

General Administration: 34 credit hours (25 credit hours of MBA Core/Integrating and 9 credit hours of MBA Electives)

Accounting: 34 credit hours (25 credit hours of MBA Core/Integrating and 9 credit hours of MBA Electives)

International Business: 34 credit hours (28 credit hours of MBA Core/Integration and 6 credit hours of MBA Electives)

Transfer Credits
A maximum of 9 hours of transfer credit from an accredited graduate institution may be applied to the program of study.

Residential halls with private rooms may be available for single graduate students. University-owned, married student housing is available. There is also off-campus housing for single students and married students. Information about campus-owned housing is available from University Housing, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS 66762, or by telephone at 620.235.4245.

Because the University has high standards for admission to the MBA program and because of a good working relationship with business in surrounding metropolitan areas, the institution has an excellent record of placement of its MBA candidates. The college has above 90% placement rate of graduates within six months.  The placement office provides considerable assistance to MBA students, and many firms visit the institution to recruit MBA students each year.

Further information concerning the MBA program at Pittsburg State University can be obtained from:

Dr. Eric Harris
Interim MBA Program Director
College of Business
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway, Pittsburg, KS 66762
Telephone: 620.235.4575