Join the PSU Delegation to

May 20 - June2, 2007


The trip includes


*        round-trip airfare from Kansas City to Seoul, Korea

*        all air, river & land transportation in Korea

*        lodging (at all deluxe hotels)

*        meals

*        tours, educational opportunities, cultural events & sightseeing

*        visit to Kyungju and Chinju

 (The estimated cost is $1,750.  Price subject to change due to currency fluctuation, and/or airfare changes.  If you receive a PSU scholarship for this trip, your final cost will be reduced significantly.  The final cost for the 2006 trip was $1,350.)

 Scholarship: Study abroad scholarships available for students who qualify.  For further information about scholarship qualifications and an application, please contact:

Prof. Choong Lee,      Dept of Management & Marketing (Ext. 4587)


Suggested Courses: (in the 2006 Fall & 2007 Spring) 

MLL 194:       Korean Language and Literature I

MLL 198:       Korean Language and Literature II

MGMKT 639: International Business

MGMKT 831: International Business


Required Course (required for a scholarship): 3credit hour topics course available during the 2007 Summer

 For more information about the trip, please contact:

Prof. Choong Lee   (620) 235 - 4587



(2007 PSU Delegation Visit to Korea)

Faculty, staff and students at Pittsburg State University have a unique opportunity to visit Korea from May 20- June 2, 2007 for two weeks.  After successful trips to Korea in the last ten years (1997 - 2006), we are organizing another study abroad trip to Korea for 2007, but with more exciting field trips and more fantastic excursions.  Our three sister schools in Korea have already graciously offered to host a delegation from PSU this year, again.  They will provide lectures on Korean history, culture, economy, and business environment, etc.  In addition, field trips, sightseeing tours, and other interesting arrangements of cultural activities will be made by our sister schools.

Scholarships are available to PSU students who are qualified to assist with travel expenses.  The scholarships will be awarded after applications are submitted to the PSU Study Abroad Committee through the Korean Delegation Planning Committee.  The 3 credit hour course established for the trip is required, either MGMKT 600: Topics in Business for Undergraduate or MGMKT 821: Topics in Business for Graduate, to get a scholarship from the PSU Study Abroad Fund.  Also, additional financial support may be available from the BIE Grant Program through the Korean Delegation Planning Committee. Preference will be given to full-time PSU students who took or are taking course(s) of Korean language and/or International Business at PSU. 

The cost of the two-week trip will be quiet reasonable since our hosts will provide some local transportation, meals, and accommodations.  Although an accurate cost for the trip will be available at a later date, it is expected that the cost will be in the range of $1,750 per person. (If you receive a scholarship and financial support from PSU, your final cost should be about in the range of $1,350 only!)

This study abroad trip provides opportunities for students to visit world-class companies, internationally known historic sites in Korea, some of the famous sights of Seoul, and the beautiful southern coastal region in Korea, such as Kyungju (the ancient capital of Silla dynasty), and participate in some cultural events and other special programs at sister schools in Korea.  The program includes:


(1) Lectures:                   Korean Culture

Korean History

Politics and International Relations

Korean Economy and Business


(2) Field Trips:                 Samsung Electronics

Kia Automobile Co.

Pohang Steel Co.(POSCO)

Daewoo Shipbuilding

Korean Traditional Pottery Yard

Korean Stock Exchanges



(3) Sightseeing:               Kyungju (an ancient capital in Korea)

Kyungbok Palace

Jinju  and surrounding southern coastal area

Songkwang Buddhist Temple

Korean Folk Village

Seoul Tower, and Han River

Korean War Museum

Lotte World (the largest in-door amusement park in the world)