Title Publication Location Call Number
1 Doing Business with South Korea Quorum Books GBRC H001H.1990.BIE
  A Handbook for Executives in the       
  Public and Private Sectors      
2 Handbook of Research on International Edward Elgar GBRC H002D.2004.BIE
  Entrepreneurship - Leo-Paul Dana      
3 Handbook of Asian Management Kluwer Academic Publishers GBRC H003LW.2004.BIE
  Edited by Kwok Leung, Steven White      
4 The Handbook of International Trade Kogan Page GBRC H004SR.2004.BIE
  A Guide To The Principles And       
  Practice of Export. Jin Sherlock &      
  Jonathan Reuvid      
5 Handbook Of International  Wiley GBRC H005W.1998.BIE
  Management. Ingo Walter      
6 International Purchasing Handbook. Prentice Hall GBRC H006A.1998.BIE
  James M. Ashley.      
7 Handbook On The Globalization Of Edward Elgar GBRC H007L.1998.BIE
  The World Economy. Amnon Levy-      
8 Doing Business With South Korea. Quorum Books GBRC H008H.1990.BIE
  A Handbook For Executives In The      
  Public And Private Secots. Larry M.      
  Hynson, Jr.      
9 A Handbook Of World Trade. A ICC Publishing SA  GBRC H009R.2004.BIE
  Strategic Guide To Trading Internationally.      
  Jonathan Reuvid.      
10 Handbook of Intercultural Training Sage Publications GBRC H010L.2004.BIE
  Dan Landis, Janet M. Bennett, Milton      
  J. Bennet      
11 The Handbook Of International  Oxford University Press GBRC H011MT.1999.BIE
  Financial Terms. Peter Moles And      
  Nicholas Terry.      
12 A Handbook of International Peacebuilding Wiley GBRC H012LJ.2005.BIE
  Into The Eye of the Storm      
  John Paul Lederach, Janice Moomaw Jenner      
13 The Oxford Handbook of International Oxford GBRC H013RB.2005.BIE
  Alan M. Rugman, Thomas L. Brewer      
14 Doing Business in the New China Praeger GBRC H014Z.2005.BIE
  A Handbook and Guide      
  Birgit Zinzius      
15 Doing Business in the New Latin America Praeger GBRC H015B.2005.BIE
  A Guide to Cultures, Practices, and      
  Thomas H. Becker      
16 Global Perespective, 2nd Edition Pearson Prentice Hall GBRC H016KK.2005.BIE
  A Handbook for Understanding Global Issues      
  Ann Kelleher & Laura Klein      
17 The Handbook of Central Asia IB Tauris GBRC H017C.2005.BIE
  A Comprehensive Survey of the New       
  Giampaolo R. Capisani      
18 Central Asia: A Global Studies Handbook ABC-Clio GBRC H018H.2005.BIE
  Reuel R. Hanks      
19 Handbook of Strategic Alliances Sage GBRC H019SR.2005.BIE
  Oded Shenkar & Jeffery J. Reuer      
20 The Academic Quality Handbook Kogan Page GBRC H020M.2006.BIE
  Enhancing Higher Education in Universities      
  and Further Education Colleges      
  Patrick McGhee      
21 Quality in Education St. Lucie GBRC H021A.2006.BIE
  An Implementation Handbook      
  Jerome S. Arcaro