Title Publication Location Call Number
1 How to do Business in Mexico University of Texas Press GBRC B001R.1997.BIE
2 Field Guide to the Global Economy The New Press GBRC B002A.2000.BIE
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  Curriculum. Second Edition      
4 Cultures Consequences Sage Publications, Inc GBRC B004H.2003.BIE
  Comparing Values, Behaviors,       
  Institutions, and Organizations       
  Across Nations. Second Edition      
5 Marketing Asian Places John Wiley & Sons(Asia) Pte Ltd GBRC B005K.2002.BIE
  Attracting Investment, Industry, and      
  Tourism to Cities, States and Nations      
6 Export/Import. Fourth Edition AMACOM GBRC B006J.2002.BIE
  Procedures and Documentation      
7 Korean Business and Management Hollym Corporation GBRC B007.2002.BIE
  The Reality and the Vision      
8 The North and South Korean Political Hollym Corporation GBRC B008.1999.BIE
  Systems - A Comparative Analysis      
  Revised Edition      
9 My Days in Korea and Other Essays Yonsei University Press GBRC B009J.2000.BIE
  Philip Jaisohn, M.D.      
10 Divided Korea, The Politics of  Hollym Corporation GBRC B010K.1997.BIE
  Development. 1945-1972      
11 Guide To Korean Culture Yonsei University Press GBRC B011H.2002.BIE
  TAE - HUNG HA      
12 Negotiating With North Korea Hollym Corporation GBRC B012S.2003.BIE
  Ph.D Richard Saccone      
13 American Images of Korea Hollym Corporation GBRC B013C.1997.BIE
  By Craig S.Coleman, Ph. D.      
14 The Two Koreas. Social Change and Jimoondang International GBRC B014D.2003.BIE
  National Integration      
15 The Korean Economy: Reflections at Hollym Corporation GBRC B015.2001.BIE
  the New Millennium      
  Anthology of Korean Studies Vol I      
16 Korean Politics: Striving for  Hollym Corporation GBRC B016.2002.BIE
  Democracy and Unification      
  Anthology of Korean Studies Vol II      
17 Korean Politics: Contemporary Hollym Corporation GBRC B017.2003.BIE
  Korean Culture in Flux      
  Anthology of Korean Studies Vol III      
18 A Handbook of Korea Hollym Corporation GBRC B018.1998.BIE
19 International Trade Manual. Export.  Butterworth Beinemann GBRC B019.1997.BIE
  Import. Forwarding. The British      
  Chambers of Commerce      
20 Multinational Business Management Nanjing University Press GBRC B020.2003.BIE
  In The New Economy      
21 Japanese Etiquette & Ethics in  Boye Lafayette DeMente GBRC B021D.2004.BIE
  Business. A penetrating analysis of       
  morals and values that shape the      
  Japanese business personality      
22 Do's and Taboos around the World John Wiley & Sons Inc GBRC B022A.2004.BIE
  Edited by Roger E. Axtell      
23 The Rise of Hispanic Market in the  M. E. Sharpe, Inc GBRC B023N.2004.BIE
  United States. Challenges, Dilemmas      
  And Opputunities For Corporate       
  Management - Louis E. V. Nevaer      
24 A Future Perfect. The Challenge And Random House GBRC B024MW.2004.BIE
  Promise of Globalization - John       
  Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge      
25 Negotiating China - Case Studies and Allen & Unwin GBRC B025B.2004.BIE
  Strategies. Carolyn Blackman      
26 Why Globalization Works-Martin Wolf Yale University Press GBRC B026W.2004.BIE
27 The China Dream. The Quest For The  Grove Press, New York GBRC B027S.2003.BIE
  Last Great Untapped Market On      
  Earth - Joe Studwell      
28 Creative Destruction. How Globalizat Princeton University Press GBRC B028C.2002.BIE
  ion Is Changing The World's Cultures      
  Tyler Cowen      
29 Bargaining With Multinationals. The Antony Rowe Ltd GBRC B029L.2001.BIE
  Investment of Siemens and Nissan      
  In North-East England - Henry Bernard      
30 Cowboys And Dragons. Shattering Dearborn Trade Publishing GBRC B030L.2003.BIE
  Cultural Myths To Advance Chinese-      
  American Business. Charles Lee.      
31 Has Globalization Gone Too Far?  Institute For International Economics GBRC B031R.2003.BIE
  Dani Rodrik      
32 The New Silk Road. Secrets of  Price Water Coopers GBRC B032S.2003.BIE
  Business Success in China Today      
  John B. Stuttard      
33 China - Competing In The Global  Internationational Monetary Fund GBRC B033TR.2003.BIE
  Economy. Wanda Tseng, Markus      
34 The New Market Ideology. Globalism Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. GBRC B034S.2003.BIE
  Manfred B. Steger      
35 Global Strategy and Organization Wiley & Sons, Inc. GBRC B035GG.2004.BIE
  Anil K.Gupta, Vijay Govindarajan      
36 Understanding Global Cultures.  Sage Publications GBRC B036G.2004.BIE
  Metaphorical Journeys Through 28       
  Nations, Clusters of Nations, and       
  Continents. Martin J. Gannon      
37 Transnational Management. Bartlett, Mc. Graw Hill Publications GBRC B037B.2003. BIE
  Ghoshal, Birkinshaw.      
38 Fortune Favors The Bold. What We Harper Business GBRC B038.2003.BIE
  Most Do To Build A New And Lasting      
  Global Prosperity. Lester Thurow      
39 George Soros on Globalization BBS Public Affairs GBRC B039S.2003.BIE
40 The West And The Rest. Globalization ISI Books GBRC B040S.2002.BIE
  And The Terrorist Threat. Roger Scruton      
41 One World. The Ethics of  Yale University Press GBRC B041S.2002.BIE
  Globalization. Peter Singer      
42 The Lessons Of International  Harvard Business School Press GBRC B042M.2002.BIE
  Experience. Developing Global      
  Executives. Morgan W. McCall, Jr.      
  George P. Hollenbeck      
43 Chinese Business Etiquette. A Guide Warner Books GBRC B043S.1999.BIE
  To Protocol, Manners, And Culture In      
  The People's Republic Of China. Scott      
  D. Seligman      
44 Open World. The Truth About Ivan R. Dee GBRC B044L.2004.BIE
  Globalization. Philippe Legrain      
45 The Role of the World Trade United Nations University Press GBRC B045S.2001.BIE
  Organization in Global Governance      
  Gary P. Sampson      
46 Globalization. Culture And Education University of California Press GBRC B046SQ.2004.BIE
  In The New Millennium. Marcelo M.      
  Suarez-Orozco and Desiree Baolian       
47 Many Globalizations. Cultural  Oxford University Press GBRC B047BH.2002.BIE
  Diversity in the Contemporary World.      
  Peter L. Berger and Samuel P.      
48 Business China. A Practical Guide Passport Books GBRC B048KL.2003.BIE
  To Understanding Chinese Business      
  Culture. Peggy Kenna, Sondra Lacy      
49 Global Networks. Linked Cites Routledge GBRC B049S.2002.BIE
  Saskia Sassen      
50 The Choice. Global Domination OR Basic Books GBRC B050B.2004.BIE
  Global Leadership. Zbigniew Brzezinski      
51 The Birth Of The Modern World. Blackwell Publishing GBRC B051B.2004.BIE
  1780-1914. C.A. Bayly.      
52 Turn Around. How Carlos Ghosn  Harper Business GBRC B052M.2003.BIE
  Rescued Nissan. David Magee      
53 The Evolution of Large Corporations Edward Elgar Publishing Inc. GBRC B053J.2002.BIE
  In Korea. A New Institutional Economics      
  Perspective of the Chaebol. Sung-      
  Hee Jwa      
54 Competing For Integration. Japan, An East Gate Book GBRC B054RW.2002.BIE
  Europe, Latin America, And Their      
  Strategic Partners. Kurt W. Radtke      
  And Marianne Wiesebron      
55 Working GlobeSmart. 12 People  Davies-Black Publishing GBRC B055G.2003.BIE
  Skills For Doing Business Across      
  Borders. Ernest Gundling.      
56 From The World To First. The  Harper Collins Publishers GBRC B056Y.2000.BIE
  Singapore Story:1965-2000.Singapore       
  And The Asian Economic Boom By Lee      
  Kuan Yew      
57 Going Alone. The Case For Relaxed The MIT Press GBRC B057B.2002.BIE
  Reciprocity In Freeing Trade. Jagdish      
58 Repositioning Asia From Bubble To Wiley GBRC B058KK.2000.BIE
  Sustainable Economy. Philip Kotler      
  & Hermawan  Kartajaya.      
59 Global Marketing Management.  Wiley GBRC B059KH.2004.BIE
  Masaaki Kotable, Kristiaan Helsen      
60 Globalization And Its Discontents. W.W. Norton & Company  GBRC B060S.2003.BIE
  Joseph E. Stiglitz      
61 International Trade Sources. A  Garland Publishing, Inc GBRC B061S.1997.BIE
  Research Guide. Mae N. Schreiber      
62 Guide To Export-Import Basics. ICC GBRC B062.2003.BIE
63 How To Negotiate Anything With AMACOM GBRC B063A.2003.BIE
  Anyone Anywhere Around The World      
  Frank L. Acuff      
64 The Commanding Heights. The Battle A Touchstone Book GBRC B064YS.2003.BIE
  For The World Economy. Daniel       
  Yergin And Joseph Stanislaw.      
65 The Global Transformations Reader Polity GBRC B065HM.2004.BIE
  An Introduction To The Globalization      
  Debate. David Held & Anthony McGrew      
66 The Ideas That Conquered The World BBS Public Affairs GBRC B066M.2002.BIE
  Peace, Democracy, And Free Markets      
  In The Twenty-First Century. Michael      
67 International M&A Joint Ventures & Wiley GBRC B067B.2002.BIE
  Beyond. Doing The Deal.      
  David J. Bendaniel, Arthur H.      
  Rosenbloom, James J. Hanks Jr.      
68 The Power of Productivity. Wealth, The University Of Chicago Press GBRC B068L.2004.BIE
  Poverty, And The Threat To Global      
  Stability. William W. Lewis      
69 Total Global StrategyII. George S. Yip Pearson Education International GBRC B069Y.2003.BIE
70 The Necessary Nature Of Future  Sage Publications GBRC B070H.2004.BIE
  Firms. Attibutes Of Survivors In A      
  Changing World. George P. Huber      
71 Markets And Moral Regulatin.Cultural Cambridge University Press GBRC B071K.2004.BIE
  Change In The European Union.       
  Paulette Kurzer      
72 Challenges To Globalization. The University of Chicago Press GBRC B072BW.2004.BIE
  Analyzing The Economics. Robert      
  E. Baldwin and L. Alan Winters      
73 Korean Management. Global Strategy Walter De Gruyter GBRC B073C.2004.BIE
  Cultural Transformation. Kae H. Chung      
  Hak Choong Lee, Ku Hyun Jung      
74 In Defense Of Globalization. Jagdish Oxford University Press GBRC B074B.2004.BIE
75 Riding The Waves Of Culture.  McGraw Hill GBRC B075TT.1998.BIE
  Understanding Diversity In Global      
  Business. Fons Trompenaars,      
  Charles Hampden-Turner      
76 Due Diligence For Global Deal Making Arthur H. Rosenbloom GBRC B076R.2002.BIE
  The Definitive Guide To Cross-Border      
  Mergers And Acquisitions, Joint      
  Ventures, Financings, And Strategic      
77 The Lexus And The Olive Tree. Ferrar, Strauss and Giroux GBRC B077F.2000.BIE
  Understanding Globalization.      
  Thomos L. Friedman.       
78 The Art of War - Sun Tzu Dover Publications, Inc GBRC B078T.2000.BIE
79 Alternatives To Economic  Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc GBRC B079CM.2000.BIE
  Globalization. A Better World Is       
  Possible. John Cavanagh and Jerry      
80 International Employment Law: Transnational Publisher, Inc. GBRC B080CD.2004.BIE
  The Multinational Employer       
  and the Global Workforce.      
  International Business Law Practice      
  Christian T. Campbell and       
  Donald C. Dowling, Jr      
81 Take Your Business Global Entrepreneur Press GBRC B081K.2005.BIE
  How To Develop International Markets      
  Gerhard Kautz      
82 Thunderbird on Global Business Strategy Wiley GBRC B082G.2005.BIE
  Robert E. Grosse      
83 The Travels of A T-Shirt in the Global Wiley GBRC B083R.2005.BIE
  Economy. An Economist Examines the      
  Markets, Power, and Politics of World      
  Trade, Pietra Rivolia      
84 Doing Business In Emerging Markets Sage Publication GBRC B084CGA.2005.BIE
  Entry and Negotiation Strategies      
  S Tamer Cavusgil, Pervez N. Ghauri &      
  Milind R. Agarwal      
85 International and Comparative Sage Publication GBRC B085BLW.2005.BIE
  Employment Relations      
  Globalization and the developed      
  market economies      
  Greg J Bamber, Russell D Lansbury &      
  Nick Wailes      
86 Buidling an Import/Export Business Wiley GBRC B086W.2005.BIE
  Benefiting from the internet,       
  Targeting your market      
  Managing Your Finances      
  Kenneth D. Weiss      
87 Global and Transnational Business Wiley GBRC B087SCHP.2005.BIE
  Strategy and Management      
  George Stonehouse,David Campbell,      
  Jim Hamill, & Tony Purdie      
88 Smart Globalization Wiley GBRC B088GW.2005.BIE
  Designing Global Strategies,      
  Creating Global Networks      
  Anil K. Gupta, D. Eleanor Westney      
89 International Negotiation Wiley GBRC B089K.2005.BIE
  Analysis, Approaches, Issues      
  Victor A. Kremenyuk      
90 Pension Security in the 21st Century Oxford GBRC B090CW.2005.BIE
  Gordon L. Clark, Noel Whiteside      
91 Making Globalization Good Oxford GBRC B091D.2005.BIE
  John H. Dunning      
92 Managing Diversity Sage GBRC B092B.2005.BIE
  Toward a Globally Inclusive Workplace      
  Michalle E. Mor Barak      
93 Understanding Business Systems in  Sage GBRC B093JT.2005.BIE
  Developing Countries      
  Gurli Jakobsen, Jens Erik Torp      
94 Innovations in International and Sage GBRC B094ES.2005.BIE
  Cross-Cultural Management      
  P. Christopher Earley, Harbir Singh      
95 Entrepreneurship in the Global Firm Sage GBRC B095B.2005.BIE
  Julian Birkinshaw      
96 Leadership in a Diverse and Sage GBRC B096CP.2005.BIE
  Multicultural Environment      
  Developing Awareness, Knowledge, and      
  Mary L. Connerley, Paul B. Pedersen      
97 Global Public Management Sage GBRC B097COS.2005.BIE
  Kathe Callahan, Dorothy Olshfski, and       
  Erwin Schwella      
98 Working Across Cultures Sage GBRC B098G.2005.BIE
  Applications and Exercises      
  Martin J. Gannon      
99 Global Marketing and Advertising Sage GBRC B099M.2005.BIE
  Understanding Cultural Paradoxes      
  Marieke de Mooij      
100 European Business and Marketing Sage GBRC B100HM.2005.BIE
  Phil Harris & Frank McDonald      
101 Remaking the Global Economy Sage GBRC B101PY.2005.BIE
  Jamie Peck, Henry Wai-chung Yeung      
102 Russian Stories PYCCKNE PACCKA3bI Dover GBRC B102S.2005.BIE
  A Dual Language Book      
  Gleb Struve      
103 The Political Economy of the Internet in  Praeger GBRC B103A.2005.BIE
  Asia and the Pacific      
  Digital Divides, Economic       
  Competitiveness and Security Challeges      
  Jason P. Abbott      
104 Conflict in Asia Praeger GBRC B104HH.2005.BIE
  Korea, China-Taiwan, and India-Pakistan      
  Uk Heo and Shale A. Horowitz      
105 Modernization, Democracy, and Islam Praeger GBRC B105HM.2005.BIE
  Shireen T. Hunter and Huma Malik      
106 Political Theory and International Affairs Praeger GBRC B106L.2005.BIE
  Hans J. Morgenthau on Aristotle's       
  The Politics      
  Anthony F. Lang Jr.      
107 Aging China Praeger GBRC B107EB.2005.BIE
  The Demographic Challenge to China's      
  Economic Prospects      
  Robert S. England and Pieter Bottelier      
108 A Future Perfect: The Challenge and Random House GBRC B108MW.2005.BIE
  Promise of Globalization      
  John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge      
109 Many Globalization:Cultural Diversity Oxford GBRC B109BH.2005.BIE
  in the Contemporary World      
  Peter L. Berger & Samuel P. Huntington      
110 Creative Destruction: How Globalization Princeton GBRC B110C.2005.BIE
  is Changing the World's Cultures      
  Tyler Cowen      
111 The Next Global Stage: Challenges and Wharton School Publishing GBRC B111O.2005.BIE
  Opportunities in Our Borderless World      
  Kenichi Ohmae      
112 Kazakhstan: Unfulfilled Promise Carnegie Endowment  GBRC B112O.2005.BIE
  Martha Brill Olcott For International Peace    
113 Uzbekistan: The Golden Road to  Odyssey  GBRC B113MM.2005.BIE
  Calum Macleod & Bradley Mayhew      
114 Kyrgyz Republic, 2nd Edition Odyssey GBRC B114SW.2005.BIE
  Rowan Stewart & Susie Weldon      
115 Central Asia: A Gathering Storm? M.E. Sharpe GBRC B115R.2005.BIE
  Boris Rumer      
116 International Human Resource  Thomson GBRC B116DW.2005.BIE
  Management: Managing People in a       
  Multinational Context, 4th Edition      
  Peter J. Dowling & Denice E. Welch      
117 Runaway World: How globalization is Routledge GBRC B117G.2005.BIE
  reshaping our lives      
  Anthony Giddens      
118 Developing Global Executives Harvard Business School Press GBRC B118MH.2005.BIE
  The lessons of international experience      
  Morgan W. McCall, JR &      
  George P. Hollenbeck      
119 Globalization,ICT and Developing Nations Sage Publication GBRC B119R.2005.BIE
  Challenges in the Information Age      
  Sumit Roy      
120 Business Growth Strategies for Asia  Wiley GBRC B120CSC.2005.BIE
  Willie Chien, Stan Shih & Po-Young Chu      
121 Better a Hundred Friends than a Hundred The World Bank GBRC B121KD.2005.BIE
  Rubles?, Social Network in Transition -      
  The Kyrgyz Republic      
  Kathleen Kuehnast, Nora Dudwick      
122 The Lost Heart of Asia, An intimate Perennial GBRC B122T.2005.BIE
  portrait of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,      
  Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan & Kirghizstan      
  the five Central Asian republics      
  Colin Thubron      
123 International Business Etiquette: ASJA Press GBRC B123S.2005.BIE
  Asia & The Pacific Rim      
  A Guide to Doing Business Abroad      
  Ann Marie Sabath      
124 The Transformation of Central Asia Cornell University Press GBRC B124L.2005.BIE
  States & Societies from Soviet Rule to      
  Pauline Jones Luong      
125 Bridging The Culture Gap Kogan GBRC B125CF.2005.BIE
  A Practical Guide to International       
  Business Communication      
  Penny Carte & Chris Fox      
126 Foreign Investment in Developing  Palgrave GBRC B126K.2005.BIE
  H.S. Kehal      
127 Rice Bowl & Chips iUniverse, Inc. GBRC B127P.2005.BIE
  How Asian Countries are Using the       
  Silicon Valley Model to Develop       
  Technology Startups      
  Dennis Posadas      
128 Poltics and Economics of Central Asia Novinka GBRC B128A.2005.BIE
  A.J. Armanini      
129 Trade Policy at the Crossroads Palgrave GBRC B129S.2005.BIE
  The Recent Experience of Developing       
  Mehdi Shafaeddin      
130 Free Trade Under Fire, 2nd Edition Princeton GBRC B130I.2005.BIE
  Douglas A. Irwin      
131 Beneath The Armor Xlibris Corp. GBRC B131C.2005.BIE
  How Leaders of Small to Midsize      
  Businesses Stand Tall in A Turbulent      
  Global Economy      
  Ole Carlson      
132 Hegemony, International Political Ashgate GBRC B132W.2005.BIE
  Economy and Post-Communist Russia      
  Owen Worth      
133 Managing International Joint Ventures Kogan GBRC B133M.2005.BIE
  The Route to Globalizing Your Business      
  Clifford Matthews      
134 Bridging Cultural Conflicts: Jossey-Bass GBRC B134L.2005.BIE
  A New Approach for a Changing World      
  Michelle LeBaron      
135 Central asia and The New Global M.E. Sharpe GBRC B135R.2005.BIE
  Boris Rumer      
136 Central Asia: Aspect of Transition Routledge Curzon GBRC B136H.2005.BIE
  Tom Everett-Heath      
137 Markets and Politics in Central Asia Routledge  GBRC B137G.2005.BIE
  Structural reform and political change      
  Gregory Gleason      
138 The Economics and Management of Routledge GBRC B138B.2005.BIE
  Small Business      
  An International Perspective      
  Graham Bannock      
139 Tribal Nation: The Making of Soviet Princeton GBRC B139E.2005.BIE
  Adrienne Lynn Edgar      
140 A Better Globalization CGD GBRC B140DO.2005.BIE
  Legitimacy, Governance & Reform      
  Kemal Dervis & Ceren Ozer      
141 Start Your Own Import/Export Business Entrepreneur Press GBRC B141AA.2005.BIE
  Your Step by Step Guide to Success      
  Rob Adams & Terry Adams      
142 The Heart of Asia: A History of Russian Routledge GBRC B142SR.2005.BIE
  Turkestan and the Central Asian       
  Khanates from the Earliest Times      
  Francis Henry Skrine & Edward D. Ross      
143 Ethics for International Business Routledge GBRC B143K.2005.BIE
  Decision making in a global political      
  John M. Kline      
144 Growth and Empowerment CES GBRC B144SDR.2005.BIE
  Making Development Happen      
  Nichloas Stern, Jean-Jacques Dethier,      
  and F. Halsey Rogers      
145 Asia 360: The Culture of Building Writers Club Press GBRC B145K.2005.BIE
  Business in Asia      
  Phil Kelly      
146 Oil, Transition and Security in Central  Routledge GBRC B146C.2005.BIE
  Asia - Sally N. Cummings      
147 Power and Change in Central asia Routledge GBRC B147C.2005.BIE
  Sally N. Cummings      
148 Export Promotion for Economies In ESCAP GBRC B148.2005.BIE
  Transition Central Asia&South Caucasus      
149 Central Asia: Political & Economic  Saqi Books GBRC B149V.2005.BIE
  Challenges in the Post-Soviet Era      
  Alexei Vassiliev      
150 Energy and Conflict in Central Asia and  Rowman & Littlefield GBRC B150EM.2005.BIE
  the Caucasus      
  Robert Ebel & Rajan Menon      
151 Rural Development, Natural Resources The World Bank GBRC B151N.2005.BIE
  and the Environment - Lessons of      
  Experince in Eastern Europe &      
  Central Asia      
  L. Alexander Norsworthy      
152 After Empire: The Emerging Geopolitics University Press of the Pacific GBRC B152S.2005.BIE
  of Central Asia      
  Jed C. Snyder      
153 Power's Promise - Electricity Reforms in The World Bank GBRC B153L.2005.BIE
  Eastern Europe and Central Asia      
  Julian Lampietti      
154 Central Asia in Focus NOVA GBRC B154B.2005.BIE
  Political and Economic Issues      
  Lydia M. Buyers      
155 The Caucasus & Central Asian Republics  Routledge GBRC B155J.2005.BIE
  at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century      
  A guide to the economies in transition      
  Ian Jeffries      
156 Pre-Tsarist and Tsarist Central Asia Routledge GBRC B156G.2005.BIE
  Communal commitment & political      
  order in change      
  Paul Georg Geiss      
157 A Political Chronology of Central, South Europa Publications GBRC B157.2005.BIE
  and East Asia-Political Chronologies of      
  the worlds      
158 Economic Development in Kazakhstan Routlegde GBRC B158P.2005.BIE
  The role of large enterprises and       
  foreign investment      
  Anne E. Peck      
159 Central Asia and the Caucasus Routledge GBRC B159AM.2005.BIE
  Transnationalism and diaspora      
  Touraj Atabaki & Sanjyot Mehendale      
160 The Post-Soviet Decline of Central Asia Routledge GBRC B160S.2005.BIE
  Sustaionable Development and      
  Comprehensive Capital      
  Eric W. Sievers      
161 The Osce & The Multiple Challenges of Ashgate GBRC B161SW.2005.BIE
  Transition The Caucasus & Central Asia      
  Farian Sabahi & Daniel Warner      
162 Culture and Environement in Inner Asia: 1 The White Horse Press GBRC B162HS.2005.BIE
  The Pastoral Economy&The Environment      
  Caroline Humphrey&David Sneath      
163 Culture and Environement in Inner Asia: 2 The White Horse Press GBRC B163HS.2005.BIE
  Society and Culture      
  Caroline Humphrey&David Sneath      
164 The New Great Game Atlantic Monthly Press GBRC B164K.2005.BIE
  Blood and Oil in Central Asia      
  Lutz Kleveman      
165 Mobilizing Private Finance for Local The World Bank GBRC B165NB.2005.BIE
  Infrastructure in Europe and Central Asia      
  An Alternative Public Private Partnership      
  Michel Noel & W. Jan Brzeski      
166 Private Participation in the Power Sector The World Bank GBRC B166KS.2005.BIE
  in Europe and Central Asia      
  Lessons from the Last Decade      
  Venkataraman Krishnaswamy & Gary      
167 Multinationals in India Sage GBRC B167S.2005.BIE
  Managing the Interface of Cultures      
  Jai B.P. Sinha      
168 Technology, Tradition and Survival CASS GBRC B168TM.2005.BIE
  Aspects of Materials Culture in the       
  Middle East and Central Asia      
  Richard Tapper & Keith McLachlan      
169 Kyrgyzstan Odyssey GBRC B169SW.2005.BIE
  Rowan Stewart & Susie Weldon      
170 Institutional Change and Political Cambridge GBRC B170L.2005.BIE
  Continuity in Post-Soviet Central Asia      
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