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Costa Rica Study Abroad - January 2011

with Brett Smith

December 26th, 2010-January 15th, 2011, eleven students from various backgrounds grabbed the opportunity to travel abroad to Costa Rica.  Led by Modern Languages Instructor Brett Smith, the students attended a private language school, and lived with host families to learn the Spanish language and Costa Rican culture.  During their stay, in addition to making trips to the; rain forest, cloud forest, volcanoes, museums, the beach, and so much more, the students took classes Monday through Friday from 8:00-12:00.  Students had time to explore the culture and spend time with their host families.  Students experienced birthday parties with their families, learned about cultural differences, and enjoyed celebrating the New Year through the eyes of a different culture.  This is just one more example of how Pittsburg State University is opening up doors of opportunities for its students to learn outside the confines of the university and learn concepts of language and globalization in real life settings. 

Costa Rica 2011 Costa Rica 2011