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Sooner or later, regardless of your special interests or the concentration you may choose, during your years at PSU you will feel the influence of France. Historically, France and its culture have played a major role in areas as diverse as philosophy, sociology, political science, cuisine, dance, art and cinema, as well as literature and literary theory. Today, French studies encompass the literature and culture of the entire French-speaking world both inside and outside of France, including many countries in Africa and the Caribbean, Belgium and Switzerland in Europe, and our northern neighbor, the Canadian province of Quebec. Some students are attracted to French by the beauty of the language; others are fascinated by the desire to study or live in France or in a francophone country and realize that to do so, they need to know the language. Along with language, courses in French at PSU allow students to study intellectual currents, including the history, politics, economics, customs, traditions, and literary and artistic trends in the French-speaking world. A minor in French is available.