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Graphics Programs

Bachelor of Science in Technology with a Major in Graphic Communications

Overview of course listings for the Six Emphasis Areas
One Degree

The core curriculum within the Graphics and Imaging Technologies (GIT) department includes courses common among all emphasis areas. These courses are primarily introductory classes, which provide information covering the major areas within the graphics industry and fundamental software skills.  There are also two upper-division classes within the core curriculum, an internship, and a capstone class.

Core Courses

-Introduction to Graphics Technologies
- Vector Graphics Software
- Raster Graphics Software
- Page Layout Design
- Graphics Career Development
- Graphics Internship
- Production Graphics or Senior Project

Digital MediaFocuses on digital graphics which includes: digital photography, video Caitlin Shepard photographyand audio editing, special effects, 3D rendering and animation.  Read more about Digital Media...
Graphic DesignBlends the artistic and creative side with the technical aspects of graphicsGraphic Designer Hubbard working production while also including the study and application of design fundamentals.  Read more about Graphic Design...
Graphics ManagementFocuses on the business and executive aspects of graphics communicationsGraphics Management Assessing Color including training in management, sales, customer service, estimating, production control and work-flow scheduling.  Read more about Graphics Management...
Packaging Graphics Combines graphic and structural design, digital file preparation, print production, Packaging Graphics work samples distribution and testing as they relate to a variety of packaging applications. Read more about Packaging...
Print MediaFeatures the latest methods and practices of graphics input, manipulation, 
print in actionand output as applied to modern print products and the larger scope of the graphics industry.  Read more about Print Media...
Web/Interactive MediaBlends development and design skills for creating rich, interactive content for all types  Web/Interactive Design in processof web and mobile devices.  Read more about Web/Interactive Media...

GIT General Info for Students

Graphics and Imaging Technologies

Every student in the Department of Graphics and Imaging Technologies completes a 320 hour, supervised internship.  The internship provides students with invaluable, real work experiences that are difficult, if not impossible, to recreate in the classroom.

Read more about Gamma Epsilon Tau, a national co-ed collegiate graphics arts honors fraternity. Gamma Epsilon Tau

Read more about Graphic Arts Club, include activities such as fund raising/field trip projects, guest speakers presentations, and socializing events.

The degree offered by GIT highlights our strong connections to the graphic communication industry.  Read more...

In addition to University and other scholarships available, each year GIT awards 20 or more departmental scholarships.  To apply for those and to find more information and opportunities contact our main office, 620-235-4419 or email Donna Martin.