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Interior Design
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a portfolio required or application to be accepted into the interior design program?
A: No, if you are accepted into Pittsburg State University you are eligible for the interior design program.  You will develop a portfolio within the program and you are encouraged to add to this portfolio with related out of the class work.

Q: Is it possible to finish the program within four years?
A: Yes, our program is on a rotation schedule that allows a student to complete it within four years.  Students who wish to start at a community college and then transfer into the program should consult with our interior design faculty to make sure that they will be able to finish within the desired period of time.

Q:  Is the PSU Interior Design program accredited?
A:  CIDA is the accreditation body for interior design higher education in the United States and Canada.  We have accreditation as a goal but we are not currently accredited by CIDA.  Students should talk with the ID faculty about our accreditation status.

Q:  What is the NCIDQ?
A:  NCIDQ stands for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification.  It is a non-profit organization, involved in the examination and certification of interior designers.  Students may take the exam once they are in the field and have worked for two years.  You may access information at:

Q:  What is the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating?
A:  Interior Design places an emphasis on interior structure, design, and space planning of residential and commercial spaces.  Interior decorating requires no specialized knowledge or skills in construction drawing.

Q:  What is the difference between Interior Design and Interior Merchandising?
A:  Interior design students take the full complement of Interior Design courses and usually complete a minor in Construction Technology.  They are preparing for working in or with construction companies, interior design firms and architectural firms.  Interior Merchandising students take about 60% of the standard interior design program as well as about 40% of the merchandising program.  The person in this program is preparing to work in a wide range of environments where related to the marketing of interiors products.

Q:  Do I need to be artistic to be successful in Interior Design?
A:  No. It can be helpful, but the skills obtained are learned skills.

Q:  Will Interior Design classes that I took at another university or community college transfer to PSU?
A:  Interior Design program course requirements can vary from each institution.  It will depend on the content of the course and its application to PSU courses and the standards addressed within PSU courses.  If you have questions concerning specific courses, please set up an appointment with an Interior Design faculty member to evaluate your situation.

Q:  What classes could I take in high school or community college to better prepare me for this program?
A:  It is not necessary to take courses in Interior Design in high school.  All students begin at the same level.  Students ability to excell depends on their comfort level with the content and the skills taught and learned so any prior experience with Interior Design, drafting, drawing and Computer aided drafting and design is a plus.