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Film and Media Studies Minor

Film and Media Studies MinorThe interdisciplinary Minor in Film and Media Studies allows students to develop visual literacy through a focus on the history and criticism of film and media. A strong curriculum centers on critical analysis of cultural artifacts (traditionally, within the realm of print media – poetry, short stories, novels, plays, speeches, essays, etc.). Succeeding personally and professionally in the 21st century will be a challenge for any young person who has not developed visual literacy skills in order to "read" and interpret a wide variety of media resources. Students take courses in multiple disciplines, making the minor complementary to many majors.  

For more information, please contact Co-Directors Jamie McDaniel or Casie Hermansson in the Department of English or the English Department Office at 235-4689.

Requirements for Minor

The Minor requires completion of a core set of classes as well as a series of electives that students can tailor to their interests.

Core (3 courses – 9 hours)

COMM 200 – Introduction to Mass Communication1         

Two of the following:     

ENGL 305 – Introduction to Film Studies

ENGL 320 – Literature and Film

ENGL 558 – Topics in Film Studies


Electives (4 courses – 12 hours in at least 2 Departments)2

ART 178 – Introduction to the Visual Arts

ART 688 – History of Modern Art

COMM 274 – Introduction to Audio and Video Production

COMM 374 – Broadcast Writing3

COMM 480 – Explorations in Communication4

COMM 590 – Sports, Media, and Society

COMM 626 – Law of Mass Communication

COMM 715 – Documentary Filmmaking5

COMM 726 – Media Analysis and Criticism

ENGL 305 – Introduction to Film Studies6

ENGL 320 – Literature and Film6

ENGL 558 – Topics in Film Studies7

ENGL 501 – Document Design

POLS 412 – Law in Literature and Film

Other courses approved by the Director of the Film and Media Studies Minor (3 - 12 credits)


1Communication students for whom COMM 200 is a required major course should substitute an appropriate elective in consultation with the Minor’s director.

2Students are not allowed to take more than two lower-level elective courses to fulfill the minor.

3COMM 274 is a pre-requisite.

4When an appropriate film or media studies topic is offered.

5COMM 274 and COMM 374 are pre-requisites.

6If not taken as part of the core.

7May be repeated if topic varies.


Courses Offered for Spring 2015

ART 178-01:  Introduction to the Visual Arts

COMM 200-01:  Introduction to Mass Communication

COMM 274-01, 02, 03:  Introduction to Audio and Video Production

COMM 374-01:  Broadcast Writing

COMM 590-01:  Sports, Media, and Society

COMM 626-01:  Law of Mass Communication

COMM 715-01:  Documentary Filmmaking

COMM 726-01:  Media Analysis and Criticism

ENGL 305-01:  Introduction to Film Studies

ENGL 320-98, 99:  Literature and Film

ENGL 556/756-01:  Writing about Popular Culture

ENGL 557/757-01:  Rhetoric of Gaming

MLL 457-01:  Hispanic Culture and Civilization

PHIL 313-01:  Philosophy of Art

See schedule of classes for course times and additional information.