Professor, English Department, 1997-present.

PhD, 1998, University of Toronto (Canada)

MA, 1992, University of Toronto

BA (Hons), 1990, Massey University (New Zealand)

BA (French and English), 1989, Massey University


Research and Teaching Interests

I teach British Twentieth Century Literature courses, including the survey Brit Lit II (1789-present); Literature and Film; Technical/Professional Writing, and various upper division and graduate classes on Film Adaptations of Literature, Children's Literature, and British Literature (such as Booker Books).

My research has moved in the past few years from the Bluebeard fairy tale to adaptations of children's metafictions to film, and writing for young readers in all genres.


Publications, Conference Presentations, and Awards


How to Analyze the Films of Clint Eastwood. Abdo, 2011. (High school textbook teaching literary and film analysis.)


Bluebeard: A Reader’s Guide to the English Tradition. University Press of Mississippi, 2009.  304pp.


Reading Feminist Intertextuality Through Bluebeard Stories.  Edwin Mellen Press, 2001. 332pp.



“Found in Translation: Charles Perrault’s ‘Bluebeard’ in the English Eighteenth Century.”  University of Toronto Quarterly 76.2 (Spring 2007): 796-807.


“‘Whatever color the beard may be…’: Bluebeard’s Journey from Perrault to Pirate.”  International Journal of the Humanities (2005/2006): 35-41.


“‘an elusive rhythm’: The Great Gatsby reclaims Troilus and Criseyde” (see below).  Selected for reprinting in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  Bloom’s Modern Critical Interpretations Series.  Ed. and Intro., Harold Bloom.  Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2003.  123-44.


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The Great Gatsby” and “All Quiet on the Western Front.”  Exploring Novels CD- Rom, Gale Research, 1997. (Commissioned critical essays.)


Publications for Writers


“Interview with Susan Raab of Raab Associates, NY.” Children’s Writer. National, newsletter. Forthcoming.


“The State of Young Adult Literature.” Writer’s Guide 2013. National, book.


“Back to the Bestiary: Fantastical Beasts.” Children’s Writer.  February 2012.


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“The Inside Joke (Keep the Parents Reading!)”  In the Wind (regional quarterly newsletter of the KS chapter of SCBWI),  September 2009.


“Breaching Decorum.”  In the Wind.  December 2009.


“Aha! Anatomy of an Epiphany.”  In the Wind.  March 2010.


“Lyrical Prose.” Forthcoming 2011. In the Wind.



Children’s and Young Adult Writing


Summer of the Plague. (short fiction book in reading recovery series). Heinemann, 2013.


L8Tr H8Tr (short fiction book in reading recovery series). Heinemann, 2013.


Unaccompanied. (short fiction book in reading recovery series). Heinemann, 2013.


Is and the Kidnappers (Agent 15). (short fiction book in reading recovery series). Heinemann, 2013.


Isa on the Island (Agent 15). (short fiction book in reading recovery series). Heinemann, 2013.


Isa and the Desert Raid (Agent 15). (short fiction book in reading recovery series). Heinemann, 2013.


Isa and the Defector (Agent 15). (short fiction book in reading recovery series). Heinemann, 2013.


Parental Guidance Ratings (Hot Topics in Media). Abdo. 2012.


National and International Magazines: Fiction

“Dandelion Wishes.” Abe’s Peanut (micro-magazine). Spring 2011. National.


“School for Pirates.” Stories for Children (national, online). August 2011.


“Monty is from Mars.”  Explore Magazine.  (International, Pearson, Australia).  April 2010. Used in schools.


National Magazines: Children’s Poetry

“Simile.” Cricket. February 2012.


National Magazines: Non-Fiction

“Needles and Pins and News.” AppleSeeds. September 2011 (Who Did What in Colonial Times? Used in schools)


“What’s in a Name? The Story of Dr. Frankenstein’s Creature.”  Faces, October 2010. Used in schools


“The Dirtiest Jobs.”  AppleSeeds, September 2010.  (Who Did What in Medieval Times?) Used in schools



Select Presentations

2012  “Adapting the Children’s Metabook.” Invited Lecture, University of Auckland (NZ). November 9.


2008  “A very Turk indeed”: the English Transformation of Bluebeard.  Blaubart Colloquium.  University of Zurich.  (December 4-6).  Invited.


2006   “Cheap Thrills: Bluebeard in the Victorian Chapbook.”  4th International Conference of the Book.  (October 20-22, Emerson College, Boston, MA).


2006  “No ‘Hesitations Outside the Door’: Margaret Atwood Opens Bluebeard’s Forbidden Chamber.”  (H.O. Grauel annual lecture, sponsored by the English Department of Southeast Missouri State University.  2 April.)


2005    “Whatever color the beard may be… Bluebeard’s Mistaken History as a Pirate.”  Third International Conference of the Humanities.  (August, Cambridge University, England.)


2005    “Apoca-llypsis: Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake.” Twentieth Century Literature Conference.  (February, Louisville, KY).


2003     “The City as Intertext: London in Peter Ackroyd’s Novel Chatterton.”  Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery, U of Colorado (March, Colorado Springs, CO).


2001     “Intertextual Detectives: Professorial Sleuths in the English Department Murder Mystery.”  Twentieth Century Literature Conference, U of Louisville (February, Louisville, KY).


2000     “Feminist Intertextuality: Atwood Uses Bluebeard’s Key.”  MLA (December, Washington, D.C.)


2000     “Feminist Intertextuality and Presupposition.” Society for the Study of Narrative Literature (April, Atlanta, Georgia).


1999     “Bloody Spectacles: Academic Murder Mysteries as Deflections of the Real.”  Cultural Studies Symposium at Kansas State U (March, Manhattan, KS).


1998    “Ghosts in the Text: Presupposition and the Reader.” PSU English department research colloquium presentation (8 April, Pittsburg, KS).


1998     “Narrative violence: Bluebeard and his reader.”  Cultural Studies Symposium at Kansas State U (March, Manhattan, KS).


1998     “Fiction as theory: Another look at feminist intertextuality.” South Central Women’s Studies Association Conference at U Houston-Clear Lake (March, Houston, TX).


1997    “Reflecting revision: Bluebeard and the uncanny.” International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts (March, Ft. Lauderdale, FL).


1993    “W/righting Robinson Crusoe: Postcolonial revisions of the master’s text.” Lexis Graduate Conference, McGill U (October, Montreal, CN).


1993    “‘an elusive rhythm’: The Great Gatsby reclaims Troilus and Criseyde.” Pro-Seminar, University of Toronto Graduate English Association (March, Toronto, CN).



Honors, Grants, and Awards

Pittsburg State University

Spring 2013 4th Eichhorn Research Fellowship, PSU English Dept.


Fall 2012 Visiting Fellowship, Massey University (NZ)


Spring 2007 and Fall 2007 Eichhorn publication grants, PSU English Dept.


Summer 2004  Summer Enhancement Grant to establish a new course, ENGL 120 Literature and Film.


2002-2003 and 1998-1999 PSU Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society) Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year.


2004 and 2005 Awarded PSU College of Education Mini-Grants to acquire videos to support teaching of British Literature survey course to English Education majors.


Spring 2003 College of Education (PSU) grant to study portfolio assessment in literature courses (British Literature II)


Fall 2002 Eichhorn Research Fellowship, PSU English Dept.


University of Toronto

1999                Woodhouse Prize, for best English dissertation at University of Toronto 1997-98.

1994-97           University of Toronto Open Fellowship

1991-94           Connaught Scholarship (full tuition plus living expenses)


Massey University

1989                University Grants Committee Postgraduate Fellowship, NZ (declined in order to go overseas)

1988                Massey Scholar


Community Service and Outside Interests

Community service focuses on teaching and leading Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and literacy outreach. I'm also an avid traveler!