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Student Organizations

Students in Plastics have the opportunity to participate in the following student organizations and professional societies:


Student Field Trips

General Plastics Lab tours local plastic industry.

March 7, 2008 - View Photos from the Trip (PDF)

The Plastics Eng. Technology area took a chartered bus to Wichita and McPherson, KS, to visit plastics companies.
Rebeca Book, Paul Herring, Tom Musgrove, and Bob Susnik took 19 students to Coleman, Ferguson, and Central Plastics. Ferguson Production, Inc. provided lunch for the group.

Coleman produces all types of outdoor equipment and has a 1,000,000 square foot facility. The plant manager
is a PSU plastics graduate that graduated a little over 10 years ago. They have blow molding, injection molding, foam operations, and sheet extrusion. They are experiencing some products coming back from overseas.

Ferguson Production is a custom injection molding operation with state of the art molding equipment with robots and gas assist technology. They have over 70 customers with over 100 types of materials being used. They have summer internships available for students.

Central Plastics is an extrusion company with over 40 lines of residential, commercial and medical products. A special optical comparator called Romidot from Israel was observed in operation. The students also saw extrusion dies being produced with EDM machines. The company has over 6500 extrusion dies.