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Journal of Managerial Issues - Editorial Policy

The Journal of Managerial Issues seeks to publish the highest quality empirical, theoretical and methodological papers available in business research. The overriding criterion for publication of a manuscript in the JMI is knowledge readers will gain about the theory of organizations and the practice of management. The JMI is intended to foster research from a variety of business school and related disciplines. As such, the JMI is open to, and indeed encourages, a wide range of emerging methods, conceptual approaches, and substantive problem areas within the domain of business behavior.

Articles published are not necessarily the opinions of the JMI, the editors, or Pittsburg State University. Statements by authors appearing in the Journal are the exclusive responsibility of the authors themselves. Authors are allowed to express their opinions with the intention being to encourage and stimulate a free flow of ideas.

Each paper submitted to the JMI is processed as follows:

  1. Receipt of the manuscript is acknowledged promptly by a letter from the Editor. An initial screening is made by the Editor to determine the suitability of the article. Key factors considered are the quality of the research methodology; the ability to communicate to university faculty and business leaders; and, most important, the potential contribution to the advancement of knowledge directly related to the theory of organizations and the practice of management.
  2. Assuming the manuscript is suitable for consideration by the JMI, it is assigned to two (or more) "external" referees, according to its functional and methodological content. Manuscripts are "doubleblind" reviewed by referees selected by the Editor.
  3. Each referee provides a careful evaluation of the manuscript, makes a recommendation to the Editor, and supplies comments for the author.
  4. The Editor appraises the reviews and makes a final decision regarding publication of the article. Every effort is made to obtain prompt reviews and make early decisions (about eight to ten weeks) regarding publication or suggested revision of the manuscript.

Readers' comments on articles appearing in the Journal of Managerial Issues are welcome and will be considered for publication in the correspondence section. Such comments must be limited to 1,000 words; any replies from authors must be similarly limited.

Circulation includes university faculty and administrators, collegiate and public libraries, business executives, and governmental managers.

Journal of Managerial Issues