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Annual Index - 2006

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XVIII
Volume XVII Number 1 -- Spring 2006
Main Articles

An Examination of Firm Slack and Risk-taking in Regulated and Deregulated Airlines -- 11
Richard J. Martinez and Kendall Artz

Deaths of CEOs: Are Delays in Naming Successors and Insider/Outsider Succession Associated with Subsequent Firm Performance? -- 32
Bruce K. Behn, David D. Dawley, Richard Riley and Ya-wen Yang

The Relationship Between Women Corporate Directors and Women Corporate Officers -- 47
Diana Bilimoria

Organizational Risk and Capital Investments: A Longitudinal Examination of Performance Effects and Moderating Contexts -- 62
Mousumi Bhattacharya and Kathleen K. Wheatley

IS Support for Strategic Flexibility, Environmental Dynamism, and Firm Performance -- 84
Michael J. Zhang

Organizational Transformation and Performance: An Examination of Three Perspectives -- 104
J. Daniel Wischnevsky and Fariborz Damanpour

Exploratory Study

The Application of Manufacturing Cost of Quality Elements to Arts and Cultural Organizations: An Exploratory Study -- 129
Judith Y. Weisinger, Bonnie F. Daily and Nigel Holman

Volume XVIII Number 2 -- Summer 2006
Guest Article

Managerial Accounting and Continuous Improvement Initiatives: A Retrospective and Framework -- 157
Tom Albright and Marco Lam

Main Articles

Perceived and Actual Organizational Fit: Multiple Influences on Attitudes -- 175
Elizabeth C. Ravlin and C. Michael Ritchie

Toward a Multidimensional Theory of Person-Environment Fit -- 193
Karen J. Jansen and Amy Kristof-Brown

A Contingency Theory of CEO Successor Choice and Post-bankruptcy Strategic Change -- 213
Erich N. Brockmann, James J. Hoffman and David D. Dawley

A Multilevel Examination of Work-Life Practices: Is More Always Better? -- 232
Richard E. Kopelman, David J. Prottas, Cynthia A. Thompson and Eileen White Jahn

Relationship between Entrepreneurs' Psychological Capital and Their Authentic Leadership -- 254
Susan M. Jensen and Fred Luthans

Research Report

Business Strategy Types and Innovative Practices -- 274
Tim Blumentritt and Wade M. Danis

Volume XVIII Number 4 -- Fall 2006
Main Articles

Decision Processes During Crisis Response: An Exploratory Investigation -- 301
Joanne E. Hale, David P. Hale and Ronald E. Dulek

The Relationship between Firm Strategic Profile and Alliance Partners' Characteristics -- 321
Gary S. Insch and H. Kevin Steensma

Subordinate Self-esteem and Abusive Supervision -- 340
James P. Burton and Jenny M. Hoobler

The Influence of Organizational Diversity Orientation and Leader Attitude on Diversity Activities -- 356
E. Holly Buttner, Kevin B. Lowe and Lenora Billings-Harris

What is the Relationship between Organizational Slack and Innovation? -- 372
David M. Herold, Narayanan Jayaraman and C. R. Narayanaswamy

Attributional Comparisons Across Biases and Leader-Member Exchange Status -- 393
Constance R. Campbell and Cathy Owens Swift

Research Perspective

Has Strategic Management Shed the Normal Science Straightjacket?: Revisiting Bettis' (1991) Critiques -- 409
T. Russell Crook, Virginia Kim Bratton, Vera L. Street and David J. Ketchen, Jr.

Volume XVIII Number 4 -- Winter 2006
Main Articles

Integrating the Unfolding Model and Job Embeddedness Model to Better Understand Voluntary Turnover Conflict -- 435
Brooks C. Holtom and Edward J. Inderrieden

The Effect of Framing and Compensation Structure on Seller's Negotiated Transfer Price -- 453
Dipankar Ghosh and Margaret N. Boldt

Balanced Management Control Systems as a Mechanism for Achieving Corporate Entrepreneurship -- 468
Michael H. Morris, Jeffrey Allen, Minet Schindehutte and Ramon Avila

Performance Payoffs from Manufacturing Flexibility: The Impact of Market-driven Mobility -- 494
Derrick E. D'Souza

Affective Commitment and Intent to Quit: The Impact of Work and Non-work Related Issues -- 512
Fatma Mohamed, G. Stephen Taylor and Ahmad Hassan

Fuel for Litigation? Links between Procedural Justice and Multisource Feedback -- 530
Treena L. Gillespie and Richard O. Parry

Research Report

An Agency Theory Investigation of Medical Contractors Versus Member Physicians -- 547
Misty L. Loughry and Heather Elms

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