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Annual Index - 2003

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XV

Volume XV Number 1 -- Spring 2003

Main Articles

Team Knowledge Structures: Matching Task to Information Environment -- 15
Vikas Anand, Mark A. Clark and Mary Zellmer-Bruhn

A Control-Based Model of Managers' Reactions to Their Subordinates' Layoffs -- 32
Rocki-Lee Dewitt, Linda Klebe Treviño and Kelly A. Mollica

Employee Turnover and Tacit Knowledge Diffusion: A Network Perspective -- 50
Scott B. Droege and Jenny M. Hoobler

The Competitive Environment and Strategy of Target Costing Implementers: Evidence From the Field -- 65
Aleecia R. Hibbets, Tom Albright and Wilfried Funk

Research Reports

Underreporting of Chargeable Time: The Impact of Gender and Characteristics of Underreporters -- 82
Michael D. Akers and Tim V. Eaton

Assessing the Operations Innovation Bandwagon Effect: A Market Perspective on the Returns -- 97
John Y. Lee and Kam C. Chan

An Exploratory Investigation into the Effects of Team Composition on Moral Orientation -- 106
Thomas L. Baker and Tammy G. Hunt

Volume XV Number 2 -- Summer 2003

Main Articles

Linking Strategy Processes to Performance Outcomes in Dynamic Environments: The Need to Target Multiple Bull's Eyes -- 133
Linda F. Tegarden, Yolanda Sarason and Catherine Banbury

A Proposed Model of Between-Group Helping: An Identity-Based Approach -- 154
Adam S. Rosenberg and Linda K. Treviño

Work-family Conflict: A Model of Linkages Between Work and Family Domain Variables and Turnover Intentions -- 175
Scott L. Boyar, Carl P. Maertz, Jr., Allison W. Pearson and Shawn Keough

Case Study

Exchanges Between Healthcare Providers and Insurers: A Case Study -- 191
Jane Cote and Claire Latham

Research Reports

Strategy-Performance Relationships in Service Firms: A Test for Equifinality -- 208
Daniel F. Jennings, Daniel Rajaratnam and F. Barry Lawrence

Productivity Increases Due to the Use of Teams in Service Garages -- 221
Lawrence D. Fredendall and Charles R. Emery

Exploratory Study

Salaries, Performance, and Owners' Goals in Major League Baseball: A View Through Data -- 243
M. R. Yilmaz and Sangit Chatterjee

Volume XV Number 3 -- Fall 2003

Main Articles

Spending Behavior Patterns and Compensation System Preferences: An Individual Difference Perspective -- 262
Jason D. Shaw and John Schaubroeck

Balanced Scorecard, Activity-Based Costing and Company Performance: An Empirical Analysis -- 267
Adam S. Maiga and Fred A. Jacobs

Message Processing in Realistic Recruitment Practices -- 283
Richard Buda and Bruce H. Charnov

The Human Side of Group Support Systems: Influences on Satisfaction and Effectiveness -- 317
Scott W. Lester, Kathryn J. Ready, Todd J. Hostager and Marilyn Bergmann

The Performance Impact of Interlocking Directorates: The Case of Singapore -- 338
Phillip H. Phan, Soo Hoon Lee and Siang Chi Lau

Using Hierarchical Linear Modeling to Illustrate Industry and Group Effects On Organizational Commitment in a Sales Context -- 353
Byung Hee Lee

Research Reports

Personal Values of Accounting Alumni: An Empirical Examination of Differences by Gender and Age -- 369
Don E. Giacomino and Tim V. Eaton

Volume XV Number 4 -- Winter 2003

Main Articles

TQM Workforce Factors and Employee Involvement: The Pivotal Role of Teamwork -- 393
Bonnie F. Daily and James W. Bishop

Do Size and Diversification Type Matter? An Examination of Post-Bankruptcy Outcomes -- 413
David D. Dawley, James J. Hoffman and Erich N. Brockman

Toward a General Theoretical Model of Computer-based Factors That Affect Managerial Decision Making -- 430
Jane M. Carey and Charles J. Kacmar

Survival in the Korean Furniture Industry: Value-chain Networking -- 450
Gregory S. Winter, John McIntosh and David May

Multiple-Firm Case Study

Investigating Internet Channel Opportunities and Challenges: Managers' Experiences Across Five Industries -- 467
Andrew J. Rohm and George R. Milne

Exploratory Study

An Examination of Whether Incentive Compensation and Stock Ownership Affect Internal Auditor Objectivity -- 486
Arnold Schneider

Research Report

Employee Perceptions of Stakeholder Focus and Commitment to the Organization -- 498
Sheri Bridges and J. Kline Harrison

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