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Annual Index - 2002

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XIV

Volume XIV Number 1 -- Spring 2002

Main Articles

The Impact Of Moral Intensity Dimensions On Ethical Decision Making: Assessing The Relevance Of Orientation -- 15
Dawn S. Carlson, K. Michele Kacmar and Lori L. Wadsworth

Trust And The Role Of Professional Employer Organizations: Managing HR In Small And Medium Enterprises -- 31
Brian S. Klaas, John McClendon and Thomas W. Gainey

The Impact of Forced CEO Turnover On Committee Structure -- 49
Kathleen A. Farrell and David A. Whidbee

A Multidimensional Examination Of Slack And Its Impact On Innovation -- 68
Scott W. Geiger and Luke Cashen

Associations Between Internal Controls And Organizational Citizenship Behavior -- 85
Sarah A. Holmes, Margaret Langford, Orion J. Welch and Sandra T. Welch

An Empirical Examination Of A Merit Bonus Plan -- 100
Christopher M. Lowery, N.A. Beadles II, M. M. Petty, Gordon M. Amsler and James W. Thompson

Research Report

An Examination Of The Antecedents Of A Crucial Selling Skill: Asking Questions -- 118
Mary E. Shoemaker and Mark C. Johlke

Volume XIV Number 2 -- Summer 2002

Main Articles

Performance Evaluation Of Credit Unions: Reaping The Benefit Of Tax Exempt Status -- 145
Yvonne L. Hinson and Paul E. Juras

Strategic Aggressiveness, Variation, And Surprise: How The Sequential Pattern Of Competitive Rivalry Influences Stock Market Returns -- 162
Walter J. Ferrier and Hun Lee

The Influence Of Motivation To Attend, Ability To Attend, And Organizational Commitment On Different Types Of Absence Behaviors -- 181
James P. Burton, Thomas W. Lee and Brooks C. Holtom

Team Sense-Making: A Mental Model For Navigating Uncharted Territories -- 198
Donde P. Ashmos and Maria L. Nathan

Perceived Managerial Discretion: An Analysis Of Individual Ethical Intentions -- 218
Susan Key

Policy Feature

Workplace Sexual Harassment Law: An Empirical Analysis Of Organizational Justice And Legal Policy -- 234
Raymond L. Hogler, Jennifer H. Frame and George Thornton

Research Report

The Effect Of Gender On The Recruitment Of Entry-Level Accountants -- 251
J. Russell Hardin, Kurt F. Reding and Morris H. Stocks

Volume XIV Number 3 -- Fall 2002

Main Articles

An Examination Of Pre-Merger Executive Compensation Structure In Merging Firms -- 279
Luann J. Lynch and Susan E. Perry

Firm Performance And CEO Pay: Relational Demography As A Moderator -- 296
Michael N. Young and Ann K. Buchholtz

Reexamining The Relationship Between Action Preferences And Managerial Risk Behaviors -- 314
Ananda Mukherji and Peter Wright

The Significance Of Gender In Explaining Senior Executive Pay Variations: An Exploratory Study -- 331
Celia Renner, Janet M. Rives and William F. Bowlin

Pedagogical Feature

Preparing Students For Success In Team Work Environments: The Importance Of Building Confidence -- 346
Sanjib Chowdhury, Megan Endres and Thomas W. Lanis

Research Reports

Mitigating Gender-Specific Superior Ethical Sensitivity When Assessing Likelihood Of Fraud Risk -- 360
Vincent Owhoso

Insights Into Gender Discrimination In Employment Compensation Through The Use Of Classification Models -- 375
Constantine Loucopoulos, Robert Pavur and Charletta F. Gutierrez

Volume XIV Number 4 -- Winter 2002

Main Articles

Buyer-Supplier Contracting: Contract Choice And Ex Post Negotiation Costs -- 399
Kendall W. Artz and Patricia M. Norman

Competitive Analysis: Do Managers Accurately Compare Their Firms To Competitors? -- 418
James M. Bloodgood and Alan Bauerschmidt

Equity Sensitivity Theory: A Test Of Responses To Two Types Of Under-Reward Situations -- 435
Richard S. Allen and Charles S. White

Enhancing Performance With Product - Market Innovation: The Influence Of The Top Management Team -- 452
Douglas W. Lyon and Walter J. Ferrier

Research Methodology

Toward An Understanding Of How Organizations Create M04/26/2007 Derrick E. D'Souza

Research Report

Auditors' Employment With Clients And Interaction With Their Former CPA Firm -- 486
Venkataraman M. Iyer and K. Rahunandan

Comment and Reply

Operating Income, Residual Income And EVA: Which Metric Is More Value Relevant - A Comment -- 500
Stanley Paulo

Market Efficiency, CAPM, And Value-Relevance Of Earnings And EVA: A Reply To The Comment By Professor Paulo -- 507
Shimin Chen and James L. Dodd

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