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Annual Index - 1996

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume VIII

Volume VIII Number 1 -- Spring 1996

Main Articles

Managing Market Structure: Achieving Competitive Advantage And Market Dominance -- 13
David W. Stewart

Subordinate Reactions To The Use Of Impression Management Tactics And Feedback By The Supervisor -- 35
K. Michele Kacmar, Sandy J. Wayne and Patrick M. Wright

CEO-Board Relationship Evaluation: An Exploratory Investigation Of The Influence Of Base Rate Factors -- 54
Terrence C. Sebora

Accommodating Employees With Disabilities: A Matter of Attitude -- 78
Granger Macy

Strategic Analysis For Resource Allocation Decisions In Health Care Organizations -- 92
Lee Graf, Masoud Hemmasi and Kelly C. Strong

Research Reports

The Impact Of Formal Mentorship On Socialization And Commitment Of Newcomers -- 108
Beverly Heimann and Khushwant K.S. Pittenger

The Relationship Between Boundary Spanners' Job Satisfaction And The Management Control System -- 118
John C. Crawford and Sarath Nonis

Volume VIII Number 2 -- Summer 1996

Stock Option Compensation, CEO Pay, And Corporate Performance: A Board-Level Perspective -- 143
Emmett H. Griner

Pay Satisfaction And Sales Force Turnover: The Impact Of Different Facets Of Pay On Pay Satisfaction And Its Implications For Sales Force Management -- 154
James A. Roberts and Lawrence B. Chonko

Factors Influencing Award Of Compensation Contracts: An Analysis Of Written Protocols -- 170
Manash R. Ray, Marshall A. Geiger and Narayan S. Umanath

Evaluating The Environmental Performance Of Corporations -- 184
Douglas J. Lober

Performance Evaluation And Measurement Issues -- 206
Mahmoud M. Nourayi and Frank P. Daroca

Family Responsibilities And Absenteeism: Employees Caring For Parents Versus Employees Caring For Children -- 218
Linda Boise and Margaret B. Neal

Barriers To Market Exit -- 239
Satish V. Nargundkar, Fahri Karakaya and Michael J. Stahl

Volume VIII Number 3 -- Fall 1996

Main Articles

An Examination Of Job Tension And Coping In The Relationship Between Stressors And Outcomes In Public Accounting -- 269
Timothy J. Fogarty

The Maternity Leave As A Role Negotiation Process -- 286
Vernon D. Miller, Fredric M. Jablin, Mary K. Casey, Martha Lamphear-Van Horn and Caroline Ethington

Scanning Behavior And The Process Of Organizational Innovation -- 310
Hector R. Lozada and Roger J. Calantone

Hospital Strategy And Its Relationship To Administrative Practices And Performance: A Partial Test Of The Miles And Snow Typology -- 326
Charles M. Byles and Chalmer E. Labig, Jr.

Assessing The Managerial Objectives Of CPA Firm Partners -- 343
John C. Gardner, Ronald J. Huefner and Vahid Lotfi

Achieving Simultaneous Cost And Differentiation Competitive Advantages Through Continuous Improvement: World Class Manufacturing As A Competitive Strategy -- 360
E. James Flynn and Barbara B. Flynn

Pedagogical Feature

Alternative Models Of Collegiate Business Education: Their Validity And Implications -- 380
Stuart Van Auken, Chester C. Cotton and John F. McKenna

Volume VIII Number 4 -- Winter 1996

Main Articles

Estimation Of Consumer Savings From Coupon Redemption -- 405
Rosemary J. Avery and George W. Haynes

Ethical Decision Making: An Extension To The Group Level -- 425
Daniel F. Jennings, Tammy G. Hunt and Joseph R. Munn

Production Capability In International Operations: The Impact Of Planning And Information Support -- 440
Linda Stanley, Stanley E. Fawcett and Sheldon R. Smith

Always Getting The Short End Of The Stick: The Effects Of Negative Affectivity On Perceptions Of Equity -- 457
Wayne A. Hochwarter, Lee P. Stepina and Pamela L. Perrewe

Organizational Efforts To Manage Diversity: Do They Really Work? -- 470
Debra R. Comer and Christine E. Soliman

The Role Of Organizational Climate In The Implementation Of Total Quality Management -- 484
Charles R. Emery, Timothy P. Summers and John G. Surak

Research Report

Technological Adoption In Dynamic Environments: The Case Of Not-For-Profit And For-Profit Hospitals --497
James J. Hoffman, John G. Irwin and Lester A. Digman

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