Student Chapter News:

The purpose of the Pittsburg State University MCA Student Chapter is to introduce and promote mechanical contracting among the students. 

The objectives used to accomplish this purpose shall be to:

1. Promote communications and networking between student members and contractor members

2. Expand the student members' knowledge of the mechanical contracting industry.

3. Unite and promote fellowship between student members and the professional societies that serve the industry.

4. Familiarize students, faculty, and administrators with the professional character and economic impact of the mechanical contracting industry.

5. Provide an avenue for community service, where students can give back to the community.

6. Provide a way to improve the teaching, and facilities at Pittsburg State University, where industry feedback can help improve the quality of education.


Anthony VanHoecke President
William Brummett Vice-President
Travis Aikins Treasurer
Kirsten Henry Secretary



MCA Student Chapter Sponsor Organization

National MCAA