Theatre Emphasis

If you are creative and looking for a means to express that creativity, the Pittsburg State University theatre emphasis is for you. Training in the art of theatre provides skills such as collaboration and problem-solving that translate into needed life skills. Here at PSU, the theatre emphasis stresses a broad-based liberal arts approach that trains each student in the entire discipline. Participation and service are integral components of the program. For those who wish to become involved with theatre productions at PSU, please be sure to visit the PSU Theatre Company website.

Career Opportunities in Theatre

Of all the fine arts, theatre offers the widest range of possibilities for employment and, with the current growth of the entertainment industry in America, is poised to offer an even wider range of career opportunities. PSU Communication majors with a theatre emphasis have gone on to be professional actors, theatre educators, and technicians. Some continue their training at advanced levels of graduate study and work toward Ph.D. or Master of Fine Arts degrees while others find employment in the theatre or television industry.

In addition, the study of law, psychology, sales, management, and tourism is enhanced by a background in the theatre arts and some fields may expect applicants to demonstrate evidence of training and/or experience in theatre. The basic skills required in many jobs -- collaboration, ability to meet deadlines, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and resource management -- are all gained through an involvement with the theatre arts.

Internship Opportunities in Theatre

The following web sites may be useful in your search for internships. Please click on the links below to begin your search. Or...please feel free to visit the career center in the theatre office (#110 Grubbs Hall) for the latest postings on internship possibilities. - Rising Star Internships - - New job. New World - - BackStage jobs and internships - Prop People - The Wilma Theatre
For the entertainment industry; information on job opportunities in music, movies, television and film.