Public relations is a challenging, competitive career. It demands a high degree of communication expertise and a variety of skills. Students are taught the skills they need and provided an explanation of the complexity and rigor necessary to be good public relations professionals.


Career Opportunities in Public Relations

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the number of public relations jobs will increase faster than the average for all occupations well into the 21st century. With the growing opportunity for public relations jobs in all segments of society, graduates find positions in:

  • non-profit organizations
  • media sales
  • governmental agencies
  • the service industry (hospitals, chambers of commerce)
  • corporate America

The wide range of career opportunities provides graduates with flexibility in locating employment throughout the country in a variety of interesting occupations.


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Oscar Meyer provides internship opportunities around the country for PR and Marketing students.

Internship Opportunities in Public Relations

The following web sites will be useful in your search for internships. Please click on the links below to begin your search. - Country Wide Search Engine - Entry Level Public Relations Internships and Positions - - Work In - - New job. New World

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Greenbush Science Center, Girard, KS.  Contact: Candy Notlensmeyer, Department of Communication


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