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Graduate Teaching Assistants representing PSU at the Health Communication Research Conference in Fairfax, VA

Graduate Studies

The Master of Arts degree in Communication is designed to prepare graduate students for professional and academic careers. It also encourages thoughtful and continuing study in subjects of the student's interest. Working with an advisor, a master's degree student in communication can design a program to match an individual's career choice. Qualified candidates may be eligible for assistantships, which provide a tuition waiver and a graduate teaching stipend.

Degree Concentration

The curriculum is divided into Applied Communication, Communication Education, Mass Communication and Theatre. The program includes courses in advertising, broadcasting, journalism, international communication, theatre production and performance, public relations, organizational communication, interpersonal communication and graduate seminars in communication theory.

Consult with your graduate advisor to determine the course work best suited for your goals.

Joey Pogue, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Communication

Career Opportunities

Students who earn a master of arts degree in communication will gain skills in problem-solving, analysis, research methods and scholarly writing. Graduates find employment as

  • University Professors
  • Community College or High School Instructors
  • College and High School Administrators
  • Journalists
  • Public Relations Consultants
  • Television Production Directors
  • Business Managers


The Department of Communication offers a number of graduate awards and scholarships. Inquiries about departmental scholarships should be directed to the Department of Communication at 620-235-4716 or at the office in Grubbs Hall, room 215.

For more information about the Communication Graduate Program, contact Dr. Drew

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