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Pittsburg State faculty and students are involved in a federally-funded effort to enhance biomedical research and training. This web site describes the activities of the program on this campus.

The National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) to foster research within states that traditionally have not received significant levels of competitive funding from the NIH. One of the approaches of the IDeA Program and the source of support on this campus was the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Networks (BRIN) now referred to as the Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE).

The objectives of K-INBRE are to:

  • bring together institutions within a state to establish a network,
  • provide competitive funding to the state-based network,
  • support institutional alterations and renovations,
  • provide funding for modern laboratory equipment, and
  • assist in the recruitment of new faculty.

K-INBRE funding is also intended to strengthen the basic science departments of the undergraduate institutions in the network by involving students in research. The undergraduate institutions also serve an important "feeder" role to the science departments of graduate schools within the IDeA-eligible areas.

The lead campus for K-INBRE is the University of Kansas Medical Center. Participants in Kansas K-INBRE in addition to Pittsburg State University are Emporia State University, Forth Hays State University, Haskell Indian Nation University, Kansas State University, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Washburn University, and Wichita State University.


PittState KINBRE attendees from Biology and Chemistry at the 2013 Conference

[Starting on the left side going from front to back:
Column 1:  Dr. Dave Gordon, Whitney Baldridge, Dr. James McAfee, Colten Caldwell
Column 2:  Boya Abudu, Sarah Base, Kaleb Nickell, Michael Noble, Christopher Ward
Column 3:  Dr. Irene Zegar, Emily Rausch, Josh Wormington, Austin Price
Column 4:  Samantha Young, Sierra Foster, Dr. Virginia Rider, Kurt Herron, Miles Crowley
Column 5: Dr. Dan Zurek, Lauren Renner, Sara Verga, Dr. Karl Kunkel, Dr. Phil Harries
Column 6:  Dr. Xiaolu Wu, Joshua Yoemans, Dr. Peter Chung, Ryan Woodruff
Column 7:  Zarna Marfatia, Kristopher Parker, Johnna Foster, Ryan Wier
Column 8:  Megan Kramer, Ella Conley, Kelsey Knisley, Bradley Aubin
Column 9:  Margaret Cook, Trevor Harris]


Campus Representative (and Faculty Mentor)

  • Dr. Virginia Rider, Biology [phone: 620.235.4739 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]

Faculty Mentors

  • Dr. Peter Chung, Biology [phone: 620.235.4736 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]
  • Dr. David M. Gordon, Biology [phone: 620.235.4735 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Phillip Harries, Biology [phone: 620.235.4864 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]
  • Dr. James McAfee, Chemistry [phone: 620.235.4750 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Jody Neef, Chemistry [phone: 620.235.4494 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Mandy Peak, Biology [phone: 620.235.4744 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Santimukul Santra, Chemistry [phone: 620.235.4861 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Neil Snow, Biology [phone: 620.235.4424 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Xiaolu Wu, Biology [phone: 620.235.4733 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Irene Zegar, Chemistry [phone: 620.235.4903 / e-mail]
  • Dr. Daniel Zurek, Biology [phone: 620.235.4746 / fax: 620.235.4194 / e-mail]

Mailing Address:

Department of Biology [or Department of Chemistry]
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 6676