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Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental,
Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Pre-Optometry Programs

The Pittsburg State University pre-medical/pre-dental\pre-veterinary/pre-optometry program allows students to pursue interests in pre-medicine (prepare for entry into medical, osteopathic, and dental schools or graduate medical research programs), pre-physical therapy (prepare for entry into further specialization in physical and occupational therapy), cell and molecular biology (prepare for graduate school or entry-level employment in biotechnology), and medical technology (prepare for employment in hospitals or private labs). Note: The department also offers pre-professional work in optometry and veterinary medicine. 

See additional information on the Academic Programs page and on the Biology Careers page under Health and Laboratory Sciences.

Student Activities

Faculty in the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental/Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Pre-Optometry Program

 Peter A. Chung, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbiology
Department of Biology
Office: 303 Heckert-Wells Hall
Phone: 620-235-4736
 Anuradha Ghosh, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Environmental Health
Department of Biology
Office: 321 Heckert-Wells
Phone: 620-235-4532
 Phillip A. Harries, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
Department of Biology
Office: 222 Heckert-Wells Hall
Phone: 620-235-4864
 Mandy M. Peak Bryan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
Office: 203 Heckert-Wells Hall
Phone: 620-235-6541
 Virginia C. Rider, Ph.D.
University Professor
Department of Biology
Office: 213 Heckert-Wells Hall
Phone: 620-235-4739
 Neal D. Schmidt, Pharm.D.
Department of Biology
Office: 304 Heckert-Wells Hall
Phone: 620-235-4737