Funk Powershift Transmission & John Deere 6076 Engine

The Funk Power shift has 6 forward speeds and 3 reverse. John Deere and Funk Transmission Corporations were responsible for donating the engine and transmission to Pittsburg State University. The transmission uses a torque converter for an input to the gear box. The engine is a 2-speed electronically controlled 9500 John Deere combine engine.

Several different groups of students were involved in developing this lab simulator. Students mounted the engine on the stand, designed and wired an electrical control box to control the 2-speed electronically controlled in-line injection pump. Students also fabricated a fuel reservoir and engine heat exchanger for cooling the engine. Students wired the shift control lever to the transmission and plumbed the hydraulic hoses and filters to the transmission.

Funk Powershift, John Deere 6076