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Dr. John Thompson

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Transfer Students - BAS Degree

Have you earned your associates degree in Automotive Service, Collision Repair, or Diesel Technology?  Pittsburg State's Bachelor's of Applied Science in Technology degree (BAS) is offered to those students who have completed their technical associate's degree in one of those three fields. The associate's degree must be earned from an accredited college or university. The degree cannot be a general studies or general science type of degree, because primarily one-third of the total credits (40 hrs), located within the BAS degree, comes straight from the technical classes that were earned in the associate's degree program. The BAS degree can be considered a 2+2 degree where students earn their technical associates degree, transfer to PSU, and then complete the remaining 2 years at PSU to earn their 4-year bachelor's degree. 

A BAS student will take very few technical or technician type classes at PSU.  Why?
Because, the student has already completed those courses in their 2-year program. The student instead will take business courses from our nationally accredited business school, along with technical management classes from our nationally recognized College of Technology, and the student will also complete the remaining general education classes that are typically required for a four year university degree.

Why should I consider PSU?
Ask around and we think you will receive a clear answer. We are well known for nurturing key relationships with aggressive industries that come to our campus in order to recruit the best and brightest product support specialists in the industry. We are centered and focused strongly upon both of our customers, industry and the student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Associate degree graduates consider a BAS degree?
Students who have completed an associates degree, typically have completed over 60 hours that are lower level courses (300 and lower), and often these courses are exclusively from a two-year institution.

Bachelor degrees often require students to complete a minimum amount of upper division credit hours from a four year institution. For example, the PSU 2003-2005 catalog stated, "A minimum of 45 semester hours of credit must be earned in upper division courses (numbered 300 to 799). Upper division credit may be earned only through a four year institution" (pg 47).

Students who enroll in the BST (bachelor's degree) as a true-freshman (and not complete an associate's degree) do not have trouble meeting the minimum upper division hour credit requirement, because they earn many credits (300 level and higher) in their "specific degree area".

However, if a student first completes an associates degree for example in Automotive Technology, and desires to earn their BST, these students would not have the same number of upper division classes available to take, unless they repeat some of their technical classes at the four year institution. As a result, associate degree students found themselves taking classes "credit by exam" at the four year institution in an attempt to try to stay on track and graduate with the BST in a total of 4 years.

As a result of this dilemma, the BAS degree was legislated. The BAS allows associate degree graduates to transfer 40 hours of technical credit from their associates degree, plus the BAS also gives students credit for general education classes that are transfer equivalent (some course examples might be: College Algebra, Speech Communication, English Comp 1, Technical Writing, etc). However, the BAS helps the most by making available to BAS students a larger portion of upper division classes. These upper division classes are not only business, and technical management classes, but students can also earn upper division credit when completing some of their general education classes, for example ENGL 301, GT/TM350, PSYCH 680, SOSCI 303.

Why do BAS students have little or no automotive, diesel and/or auto collision "technical type" courses?

BAS students have already completed their core technical classes when they earned their associates degree. Therefore these students will NOT be taking many technician type classes. BAS students will instead be taking more business, technical management, and general education classes.

Degree Audits and Enrollment concerns:
BAS students should immediately apply for their official degree audit once they are admitted into the BAS program, even if they have completed fewer than 85 hours. This means if the students are starting PSU in August (the first semester of their junior year), they should apply for their official degree audit in the "degree checking office" located in Russ Hall. Once this has been completed it cleans up their degree audit and makes it more clear what is required to earn their Bachelors degree.

The following information answers the 2 questions:

  • I am a student on the 2-yr Auto Service waiting list, and want to start my freshman year as a four-year student, and then complete my associates at PSU my sophomore and junior year, and then finish my BAS my senior year, what classes can I consider taking as a freshman?
  • I am a freshman and I am unsure I will complete an associates degree, but still want to have the option of earning a BAS (after completing the Associates degree), and or the BST degree, what are some of the courses that are required in both the BAS degree and the BST degree?
    • BIOL 113 - Environmental Life Science
    • PHYS 171/172 - Physical Science
    • ACCTG 201 - Financial Accounting
    • MATH 113 - College Algebra
    • MATH 143 - Elementary Statistics
    • ENGL 101 - English Composition
    • ENGL 301 - Technical Writing (sophomore or junior year)
    • COMM 207 - Speech Communication
    • SOSCI 300 or SOCSI 304 - Geography
    • GT 350 or TM 350 - Technology and Civilization
    • AT 399 - Automotive Professional Development (take sophomore or junior year)
    • AT 699 - Automotive Senior Seminar (however, do not take until senior year)

I completed two years at a community college, but did not earn my associate's degree. Can I enroll in the BAS program?
No, Students must complete a technical Associate's degree from an accredited college or university in order to enroll in the PSU Automotive BAS.