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Map and Directions

Pittsburg State University is located in Pittsburg Kansas, in the southeast corner of the state. The College of Technology is located on the corner of Rouse street and Ford street, which is located in the south east corner of Pittsburg. The College of Technology street address is 909 E Ford. When entering Pittsburg, the main highway is 69 highway.

Whether entering Pittsburg from the north or south, take the bypass around the west side of town, rather than staying on Broadway street. When taking the bypass, turn east when you reach Centennial street. Centennial street is just north of the Meadowbrook Mall. Stay on Centennial street until reaching Rouse street, you will see the hospital. Take Rouse street north 0.5 miles and the College of technology is on the left.


The Kansas Technology Center, Pittsburg State University

Kansas Technology Center, Pittsburg, KS


First Floor of the Kansas Technology Center

KTC, 1st Floor