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Career Opportunities

The Pitt State Automotive & Diesel Technology program is well known for developing leaders in the field of Automotive and Diesel Technology. This program not only gives students the technical skills required for a fast changing industry, but the program also works hard to develop graduates who can lead by example. Companies continue to recruit PSU Automotive Technology graduates because they have found that the graduates are well rounded technically and are effective communicators.

What types of jobs do students typically obtain upon graduation?

The following list of jobs are a few examples:

  • Field Representative - This job often begins in a management trainee position, where a company develops the graduate to become a product support representative that travels a territory and assists dealerships in sales, service, parts, and or warranty.
  • Technical Hotline - In this job a graduate is trained to answer dealer technical inquiries on automobiles or equipment.
  • Aftermarket Sales - This job trains a graduate to manage a parts store or other stores related to aftermarket accessories.
  • Writer/Literature Developer - Graduates begin their career by writing service and or repair manuals.
  • Dealership Service Writer - Dealerships often start graduates writing repair orders. This job requires knowledge of the automobile/equipment and good communication skills.
  • Fleet Equipment Manager - In this job, graduates manage equipment by performing preventative maintenance inspections on equipment and scheduling repairs, to ensure that the equipment is available for everyday production.
  • Test Engineering Technician - Graduates test prototype automobiles, tractors, and equipment for reliability, serviceability and functionality.
  • Technician - Other students begin their career as a technician and work towards becoming a service manager or fleet manager.
  • Service Training Instructor - In this job, graduates train technicians for manufacturers. 
  • Insurance Claims Representative - Graduates work in a variety of areas including claims, total loss/salvage department, catastrophe teams, and field appraisers.
  • Automotive Paint Store Managers and Sales representatives - Management Training Program (MTP) candidates are often able to choose from several areas to live while training as store managers.  Potential jobs such as area sales reps are also common.

What is a typical starting salary for an Automotive Technology/Diesel & Heavy Equipment Graduate?

Depending upon the area of the country, a corporate starting salary can vary between $35,000 to $60,000 a year. Graduates that accept jobs in small rural communities might start at a lower hourly wage, such as $10 to $15 per hour.

What type of tools are required for the 4-year Automotive Technology/Diesel & Heavy Equipment program?
All the 4-year Automotive Technology classes have the necessary tools provided for each laboratory; therefore, 4-year Automotive Technology students do not bring tools or purchase tools.   


Employers Hiring Our Graduates

Automotive Employers

Diesel & Heavy Equipment Employers

AT Recent Graduates

Alex Brevitz

Alex Brevitz,
a May 2013 graduate of the
PSU Automotive Technology program, and is a
Management Trainee for Murphy-Hoffman
Company in Olathe, KS.

Jonathan Burton and Pete Allen

Jonathan Burton, a 2012 Automotive Technology
graduate, is a Service Parts Engineer for General Motors.
Pete Allen is a Powertrain Integration Service Engineer
also working for General Motors. Pete received his PSU
Automotive Technology degree in 2010 and his
Master's degree from PSU in 2011.
Both work and live in the Detroit metro area.

Kelsey Bailey

Kelsey Bailey, 2011 graduate, hired by Sherwin-Williams
Automotive Finishes in their Management Training Program
and was recently promoted to Outside Sales Consultant in
Little Rock, Arkansas.

Nathan Cooper

Nathan Cooper, 2010 Diesel and Heavy Equipment graduate,
works for Central Power Systems and Service with
Off-Highway Inside Sales Support in the metro Kansas City area.

Tim Engle

Tim Engle
, 2009 graduate of the Automotive Technology
program at PSU, is Parts Manager at Davis-Moore Chrysler
dealership in Wichita, KS.